The Justice Department lawyers objected to the attorney general’s recent move giving prosecutors more leeway to investigate fraud before election results are certified.

The attorney general is apparently undeterred by the president’s recent public attacks on him.

Attorneys for the president’s son insisted he was too busy to comply with a subpoena for a deposition before the November election.

An intelligence bulletin from the Dept. of Homeland Security cites baseless Russian claims about voting fraud that echo those made by President Trump and Attorney General William Barr.

Barr says if U.K. doesn't promptly aid the prosecution, U.S. could send the men to be tried in Iraqi courts.

Justice Department rules say cases should not be intentionally timed to affect an election.

The attorney general will appear before the House Judiciary Committee for the first time since Democrats took control of the House.

Watchdogs for Justice, Homeland Security will investigate and review use of force, protester detentions and agent identification.

The effort, combined with a fiery speech Trump gave, could exacerbate tensions between his administration and Democratic mayors.

Lawyers for the president’s former personal attorney allege in a new court filing that he was sent back to prison as retaliation for his book plans.

In a Washington Post op-ed, Robert Mueller insists Roger Stone earned his conviction and that the investigation of President Trump was handled fairly and properly.

The closed hearing with Geoffrey Berman is part of House Democrats’ examination of Attorney General William Barr and his leadership of the Justice Dept.

Securities and Exchange Committee Chairman Jay Clayton has faced pressure from Democrats to withdraw from consideration.

The House Judiciary Committee’s investigation begins in earnest Wednesday with testimony from two Justice Department officials.

Geoffrey Berman was fired by President Trump on Saturday.

Attorney General Barr says he is replacing Geoffrey Berman, who insists he is not going anywhere and vows investigations will continue.

Aaron Zelinsky and John Elias were issued summonses for a June 24 hearing.

The attorney general delivered his most extensive comments yet on the unrest in America.

The attorney general is directing President Trump’s response to violent protests from a command center in downtown Washington.

Rosenstein generally defended the FBI’s Russia probe but conceded flaws in the handling of warrants to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

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