The deal, which requires court approval, would end lawsuits over the FBI’s failure to act on warnings about the gunman.

Brendan Hunt’s trial tested the boundary between criminality and free speech.

A Justice Department probe is underway, while the mayor and a new police chief push their own changes.

Muhammad Aziz, 83, and Khalil Islam, who died in 2009, were wrongly convicted of killing the fiery civil rights leader.

Charges include hacking state election data and a U.S. media firm in an effort to sow doubt and division in the United States.

A controversial indictment and a contentious lawsuit highlight the government’s use of commercial data to hunt hackers.

While critics say government has overstepped its authority, rule defenders say it is critical for public health.

Civil rights probe follows long-standing complaints of failing septic tanks and sewage backups in the mostly Black county of Lowndes.

The Washington-based analyst allegedly lied to agents about who he spoke to.

After Jan. 6 failures, an intelligence official says agencies need to think differently about public, online statements about violence.

The lawsuit stemmed from background-check failures that allowed Dylann Roof to buy a gun used in the racially motivated shooting.

Attorney General Merrick Garland says redlining harms minority communities and contributes to the racial wealth gap.

Lev Parnas was on trial in federal court in Manhattan, charged with campaign finance violations and lying to the Federal Election Commission.

Diana Toebbe loses bid to be home with her children while awaiting trial.

New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan should have unsealed records in a prostitution case, lawsuit says.

Testimony at a bail hearing for Diana Toebbe suggests the accused amateur spies covered some of their tracks.

Federal authorities had charged the company with failing to properly advertise at least 2,600 jobs and consider applications from U.S. citizens.

Deripaska has been sanctioned for years; the searches were part of an unspecified criminal investigation.

The investigation arising out of the plane crashes has led to the federal charge.

Spec. James Phillip Mault joined the Army in May, officials said, months after the FBI determined his presence at the Capitol.

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