Jan. 6 cases yield courtroom wins but no change in extremist threat

More than two years into a historic prosecution of U.S. Capitol attackers, reviews are mixed on what the Justice Department accomplished.

By Spencer S. Hsu, Hannah Allam, Tom Jackman and Rachel WeinerJune 8, 2023

‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Bob’s Burgers’ actor charged in Capitol riot

The comedic actor who had roles on “Better Call Saul,” “Arrested Development” and “Bob’s Burgers” is accused of helping in a group assault on police officers.

By Rachel WeinerJune 7, 2023

Justice Thomas delays disclosures after reports of travel, property sale

Justice Clarence Thomas’s 2022 filing was highly anticipated after ProPublica reported on his extensive financial dealings with Texas businessman Harlan Crow.

By Ann E. Marimow and Robert BarnesJune 7, 2023

Justice Dept. suspends Houston probe on waste dumping in Black, Latino areas

The Justice Department is suspending a probe into whether Houston failed to adequately combat illegal dumping of waste in Black and Latino neighborhoods.

By David NakamuraJune 6, 2023

Justice Department will not seek charges in Mike Pence document case

The Justice Department has closed its investigation into former vice president Mike Pence’s possession of potentially sensitive government documents after leaving office.

By Perry Stein and Devlin BarrettJune 2, 2023

Claiming conflicts, Trump lawyers to seek recusal by judge in criminal case

New York judge Juan Merchan was appointed to preside over Trump’s 34-count indictment over falsifying business records voted by a grand jury in March.

By Shayna JacobsJune 1, 2023

Prosecutors have recording of Trump discussing sensitive Iran document

Special counsel Jack Smith has obtained a 2021 recording in which former president Donald Trump appears to say he has a classified document about Iran, according to people familiar with the matter.

By Devlin Barrett, Josh Dawsey and Carol D. LeonnigMay 31, 2023

‘Fox Hunt’ trial starts, targeting China program to repatriate dissidents

The proceeding in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn is expected to shed light on the Chinese government’s extrajudicial efforts on U.S. soil to try to force Chinese nationals to return against their will.

By Shayna JacobsMay 31, 2023

FBI director Chris Wray to face contempt of Congress vote, Comer says

Lawmaker rejects FBI offer to view an internal bureau document at agency headquarters instead of handing it over to the committee in response to a subpoena.

By Jacqueline Alemany and Perry SteinMay 31, 2023

Mar-a-Lago prosecutors eye July episode with Trump surveillance cameras

Investigators believe a Mar-a-Lago employee had a conversation with an IT worker about how the estate's security cameras worked, and how long images were stored.

By Spencer S. Hsu, Josh Dawsey and Devlin BarrettMay 30, 2023

New York DA says Stormy Daniels hush money not Trump’s official duty

The filing was in response to a bid by Trump lawyers who want his 34-count indictment to be transferred from state criminal court to a U.S. District Court.

By Shayna JacobsMay 30, 2023

Prosecutor says gunman in Pittsburgh synagogue killings hunted victims

Federal prosecutors sketched out their case against Robert G. Bowers, who is accused of killing 11 people in 2018 in the nation's deadliest antisemitic attack.

By David NakamuraMay 30, 2023

The status of key investigations involving Donald Trump

What you need to know about the Stormy Daniels case, Mar-a-Lago documents, the Jan. 6 investigations in D.C. and Georgia, the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit and more.

By Shayna Jacobs, Devlin Barrett and Jacqueline AlemanyMay 30, 2023

Police agencies are desperate to hire. But they say few want the job.

Police departments across the U.S. are struggling to fill their ranks, creating what many officials say is a staffing emergency that threatens public safety.

By Robert KlemkoMay 27, 2023

Tracking Supreme Court decisions in this term’s major cases

The Post is following key cases that the Supreme Court will decide in 2023. Here are the major decisions the court is expected to rule on and why they matter.

By Robert Barnes, Ann E. Marimow and Nick MourtoupalasMay 25, 2023

Trump lawyers seek meeting with Garland over special counsel actions

In an unorthodox legal move, the former president's attorneys asked for a meeting with the attorney general over what they call an "unfair" investigation.

By Devlin BarrettMay 24, 2023

Trial date set in Trump’s N.Y. criminal case, judge issues contempt warning

Trump appeared on a video feed at a Manhattan courtroom where a judge warned him that evidence from pretrial discovery is strictly prohibited.

By Shayna JacobsMay 23, 2023

E. Jean Carroll seeks damages from Trump for CNN town hall comments

The author and advice columnist recently won a $5 million judgement against former president Donald Trump in a civil sexual assault and defamation case.

By Shayna JacobsMay 23, 2023

Pittsburgh confronts antisemitism as Tree of Life shooting trial nears

As the trial of Robert D. Bowers begins in the shooting deaths of 11 people, residents confront the complicated legacy of the deadliest antisemitic attack in U.S. history.

By David NakamuraMay 20, 2023

What’s the database the FBI misused to seek info on Jan. 6 suspects, BLM arrestees?

Explaining the Section 702 communications database, which has the FBI in hot water.

By Amber PhillipsMay 19, 2023