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As Black History Month focuses on wartime, here are three service members honored for bravery.
10 things you may not know about Abraham Lincoln
(The Washington Post, February 11, 2018; 8:00 AM)
For children who fled war-torn Syria, a music school offers strength
(The Washington Post, September 30, 2017; 8:00 AM)
Where to collect fall leaves
(The Washington Post, September 27, 2017; 8:00 AM)
Charlottesville mourns woman killed in rally that turned violent
(The Washington Post, August 16, 2017; 1:26 PM)
The Erie Canal, started 200 years ago, transformed a young America
(The Washington Post, July 3, 2017; 12:19 PM)
Tampa rejects proposal to remove Confederate statue
(The Washington Post, June 21, 2017; 5:47 PM)
Thanks to one woman, we have a day to honor dads
(The Washington Post, June 16, 2017; 12:57 PM)
In Uganda’s refu­gee schools, books and pencils are luxuries
(The Washington Post, June 14, 2017; 6:37 PM)
Famine in South Sudan worsens as 290,000 people face extreme hunger
(The Washington Post, April 12, 2017; 4:36 PM)
A new stop for Harriet Tubman along the Underground Railroad
(The Washington Post, March 7, 2017; 6:32 PM)
Syrian refugees say ‘dreams vanished’ with U.S. ban
(The Washington Post, January 30, 2017; 11:55 AM)
Before buses and subways, most people traveled on squealing, swaying streetcars
(The Washington Post, January 24, 2017; 6:04 PM)
A boy makes his home at White House for first time in a half-century
(The Washington Post, November 29, 2016; 6:26 PM)
Colombian leader Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize
(The Washington Post, October 7, 2016; 7:41 AM)
African Americans have shaped history, and history has shaped them
(The Washington Post, September 19, 2016; 5:19 PM)
With protest, NFL player is exercising his rights
(The Washington Post, September 14, 2016; 5:52 PM)
Twelve athletes to watch at the Rio Olympics
(The Washington Post, July 14, 2016; 4:49 PM)
U.S. national parks are full of the deepest, tallest and biggest
(The Washington Post, June 27, 2016; 9:24 PM)
Trailblazing surgeon Mary Walker still one of a kind
(The Washington Post, March 8, 2016; 4:51 PM)
Women’s History Month: Honoring women for their courage, character and commitment
(The Washington Post, March 7, 2016; 12:50 PM)
For author Dan Gutman, history isn’t always serious
(The Washington Post, February 16, 2016; 6:15 PM)
Campaign 2016: Understanding the presidential election
(The Washington Post, January 26, 2016; 7:03 PM)
Arlington National Cemetery: Home to many military heroes
(The Washington Post, November 11, 2015; 1:27 AM)
Explore Arlington National Cemetery on a free walking tour
(The Washington Post, November 10, 2015; 5:31 PM)
Europe scrambles to handle refugees from Middle East and Africa
(The Washington Post, September 8, 2015; 4:39 PM)
Confederate flag to come down from South Carolina statehouse
(The Washington Post, July 9, 2015; 6:24 PM)
Take a virtual ride on the Pony Express with video-game ‘Doodle’
(The Washington Post, April 14, 2015; 5:04 PM)
Abraham Lincoln was assassinated as the Civil War drew to a close
(The Washington Post, April 7, 2015; 6:28 PM)
When the guns of the Civil War fell silent
(The Washington Post, April 6, 2015; 6:09 PM)
Nutcrackers invade historic Sully home in Chantilly
(The Washington Post, December 9, 2014; 5:32 PM)
Back to school: An opportunity to work together and learn
(The Washington Post, August 16, 2014; 8:12 AM)
Gettysburg Address redefined a broken nation
(The Washington Post, November 18, 2013; 6:34 PM)
National Gallery brings Civil War story to life
(The Washington Post, November 11, 2013; 6:18 PM)
Kids experience hands-on history
(The Washington Post, November 1, 2013; 11:41 PM)
Hands-on history
(The Washington Post, November 1, 2013; 11:41 PM)
Gettysburg: A costly Civil War win for the North
(The Washington Post, June 27, 2013; 6:58 PM)
Visiting Gettysburg? Here’s what to do.
(The Washington Post, June 27, 2013; 6:55 PM)
Books about the Battle of Gettysburg
(The Washington Post, June 27, 2013; 6:52 PM)
How Harriet Tubman’s story was saved
(The Washington Post, March 6, 2013; 8:13 AM)
Black History Month: Understanding the Emancipation Proclamation
(The Washington Post, February 22, 2013; 11:10 AM)
Emancipation Proclamation is rarely on display
(The Washington Post, February 22, 2013; 11:05 AM)
Manassas boy collects all 189 Civil War trading cards
(The Washington Post, January 8, 2013; 3:40 PM)
Bureau of Engraving and Printing: Making our money since 1862
(The Washington Post, August 10, 2012; 11:32 AM)
Lincoln museum takes you back in time
(The Washington Post, March 23, 2012; 12:16 PM)
If you go to Ford’s Theatre Center for Education and Leadership
(The Washington Post, March 23, 2012; 12:12 PM)
Drummer boys played important roles in the Civil War, and some became soldiers
(The Washington Post, February 21, 2012; 6:31 PM)
First Christmas of Civil War was not very merry
(The Washington Post, December 6, 2011; 5:45 PM)
Civil War affected kids along canal
(The Washington Post, December 6, 2011; 5:44 PM)
Civil War for kids: Union wins a victory at Port Royal Sound, South Carolina
(The Washington Post, November 8, 2011; 5:25 PM)
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