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Make your own Valentines: These rescue animals will warm anyone’s heart

Animals from Washington’s Humane Rescue Alliance are the stars of this year’s Valentine cards.

(The Washington Post/Humane Rescue Alliance/iStock)
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Rescued animals have become much-loved members of so many families in the past two years. We couldn’t think of better ambassadors for Valentine’s Day. So we asked the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C., to introduce KidsPost readers to a few of its furry friends. Meet Chloe the pup, kitten Zenitsu and Mochi the bunny.

Print the colorful cards above by clicking here. Cut them out, spread glue on the back and fold in half with short sides together. Then share with your animal-loving friends or family! And if they are interested in a real canine, feline or leporine (guess what that is) Valentine, encourage them to visit the Humane Rescue Alliance at or another animal shelter.