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Draw what spring looks like to you and become a KidsPost weather artist

Sunny, cloudy, windy and rainy scenes — we need them all to illustrate spring.

Paige Caparas, 10, Arlington, Virginia, created a spring drawing for KidsPost last year. What's your vision of spring? Send it to us.
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What’s your favorite part of spring? Maybe it’s the weather warming up after a long winter. Or watching the flowers bloom. Or perhaps it’s the sun setting later every day, making it brighter for longer.

Whatever you imagine when you think of spring — flowers, rain, wind, clouds or sunshine — draw your idea on paper so we can see it! If your art fits with the daily weather forecast, we will consider using it in KidsPost.

Here are a few guidelines:

⋅ Kids must be ages 5 to 13.

⋅ Bright colors work best.

⋅ You can use paints, markers or whatever art supplies you have.

⋅ Try to avoid leaving a lot of white space on the page.

A parent, guardian or teacher must give permission for your drawing to be used. Have that person fill out our online form, which you can find at Look for your art Monday through Thursday in the print KidsPost and in the online photo gallery at