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Summer weather: Show us what that looks like.

KidsPost needs drawings for our daily weather forecast and online weather art gallery.

(2021) Illustration by Reese Doucet, 12, Falls Church, Virginia. (Illustration by Reese Doucet, 12, Falls Church, Virginia.)
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Summer is in full swing, so we can expect sizzling days ahead. But we’ll also have rain showers, clouds, breezes and days that are sunny and pleasant. For KidsPost, that means we need a lot of drawings for our daily print weather forecast and online weather art gallery.

So pull out your markers or colored pencils, and think about what summer looks like. Along with the weather, your art could highlight things you like about the season. Maybe that’s swimming at your local pool. Maybe going to camp. Or playing outside with your dog. Whatever summer brings to mind, put it on paper and send it to us. If your art fits with the weather forecast, we will consider using it in KidsPost.

Here are a few guidelines:

⋅ Kid artists must be ages 5 to 13.

⋅ Bright colors work best.

⋅ You can use paints, markers or whatever art supplies you have.

⋅ Try to avoid leaving a lot of white space on the page.

A parent, guardian or teacher must give permission for your drawing to be used. Have that person fill out our online form, which you can find at Look for your art Monday through Thursday in the print KidsPost and in the online photo gallery at