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Tell KidsPost what you appreciate most about the ocean

We may publish your thoughts and send you a prize.

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The ocean is a great place to escape the summer heat. Playing in the sand and swimming in salty water is a perfect day for many. Earth’s oceans are more than just our summer playground, though. An ocean is a complex ecosystem that is home to many species. Its use for transporting goods makes it a critical part of the world economy. On top of that, many communities around the world rely on fishing for food.

KidsPost wants you to think about what you appreciate most about the ocean. Have you had an experience that made you love the ocean in a new way? The experience can be big or small. Tell us your thoughts in a few sentences, and we may publish it next month in KidsPost. If we do, we’ll send you a prize. We hope that this helps readers appreciate how important it is to protect the oceans.

Submission rules

  • You must be ages 6 to 14 and live in the United States or Canada.
  • You may submit only one entry of no more than 50 words.
  • The words must be yours, not copied from someone or something else.
  • An adult (a parent, guardian or teacher) must send us your entry. The adult should fill out the form at
  • The deadline to submit is August 4.
  • Kids whose submissions are chosen for publication will be notified by August 15 and will receive a KidsPost T-shirt and an 0cean-related prize.
  • Email questions to