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Summer of KidsPost: Enjoying science and history

KidsPost readers went to Tryon Palace in North Carolina and Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos.

(The Washington Post illustration/Family Photos)

Time seems to be moving at warp speed this summer. Maybe it’s because we’ve seen how busy readers are. Some have sent us terrific photos about how they are spending their break from school.

This week, the Summer of KidsPost features readers who enjoyed science and history adventures. Read more to learn about them, but we also would like to know about you, too. If you’re going on a vacation or day trip, bring a KidsPost page along, have your picture taken and share it with us. We can’t make summer last longer, but we can enjoy your photos for months to come.

Finn Metcalf, 11, and Miles Metcalf, 9, of Takoma Park, Maryland, visited the Galápagos tortoises on Santa Cruz Island, one of Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands. Finn, Miles, their family and a group from Lewis and Clark College also traveled to the Ecuadoran Amazon rainforest. The Galápagos Islands are a group of 19 islands in the Pacific Ocean that have unusual and diverse marine species because of their remote location in the middle of three ocean currents. After his visit to the islands in 1835, scientist Charles Darwin was inspired to develop the theory of evolution, about how living things with certain traits survive over time.

Olive Trone, 8, of Fairfax, Virginia, visited Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina. This was the home and offices of the royal governor of North Carolina from 1770 to 1775. After the American Revolution, it was where the North Carolina General Assembly held its first sessions, and it was home to state governors until 1794. Olivia visited this site on the way to the beach with her family.

We hope to hear from more KidsPost readers about what they are doing this summer. We’ll feature a selection of readers’ photos in the print KidsPost and at through Labor Day. In September, three randomly selected participants will receive a KidsPost prize package.

Here are the rules:

● Get a recent copy of KidsPost. If you don’t have access to the print newspaper, you can print a PDF of or an online KidsPost story. Take it on your vacation or day trip.

● Get someone to take a photo of you — and siblings or other family members — holding KidsPost. Just make sure at least one person in the photo is between the ages of 5 and 13.

● Have a parent fill out the entry form at­2022 and upload your photo. List the full name, age and hometown of everyone in the photo, and explain where you are and any interesting details about your trip.

● Families can submit only one photo, and it must have been taken after May 27, 2022. Entries are due by September 1.