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Thank you, readers, for being the heart of KidsPost

As we say goodbye, a big thank-you to those kids who shared their stories and their creativity with us

(Alla Dreyvitser/Washington Post illustration)
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My family is known for long goodbyes. It can take an hour to walk out the door after someone first mentions leaving a family gathering. We laugh about it, but as a kid I probably rolled my eyes. So I promise to keep this goodbye short.

KidsPost ends publication Thursday after nearly 23 years of appearing in the print Washington Post and on It has been a section about anything and everything that would interest kids: science, history, current events, sports, entertainment, books and kids doing cool things. I joined KidsPost in 2012, before most of you were born. It has been an amazing experience to write for, to edit and to work with talented art director Alla Dreyvitser and others on how to present the stories.

Hearing from you was one of the best parts of the job. You sent poems, essays, opinions, book recommendations and wrapping paper designs. You took KidsPost on vacation and sent us photos. (I’ll admit to a tiny bit of envy about the places you visited.) And you created weather drawings — so many with snow that Washington would need a Snowmageddon and Snowzilla every year to use them all.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and artistic talents. And thanks for reading. I hope what we published sparked conversations with your friends, classmates and family members. I also hope KidsPost helped you develop a habit of reading — for fun and for learning more about the world. If so, I can head out with a smile.

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