To which products am I subscribed?

  • Under Settings, a logged-in user has the option to select “My Company,” which lists the products to which your organization is subscribed. If you are unable to login to see these details, please
  • I'd like to subscribe to one columnist instead of another.

  • Please address this question to your sales representative via the the portal's chat function or via email at Note: Please ask about our new syndicate bundle - a chance to subscribe to multiple columnists as part of a package that includes discounted annual pricing.
  • I need to cancel a feature to which I am subscribed.

  • You must email your sales rep to cancel or subscribe to a new product. If you are unsure who your sales rep is, please email
  • I need a headshot of an individual reporter or columnist.

  • The headshot, if available, is always linked to at the bottom of a writer's story. Alternatively, we have a searchable database here:
  • I need access to a particular cartoon/comic/column to which I am subscribed.

  • Every feature is available for download via the NSS portal. If FTP delivery is needed, please send a message via the portal's chat feature.
  • I do not see the option to download other columns while the columnist to which I am subscribed is on vacation.

  • Please advise our newsroom team of the issue by contacting us over the portal's chat function.
  • A few individual stories are missing from my FTP feed.

  • If you're seeing stories on the NSS portal that are missing from the FTP feed, send the slugs of these missing stories and their move dates and times via our chat function or email We will work to resolve the issue.


    I need to reset my password.

  • Go to the main login page; from there, click to login and the “reset password” link will become visible. Click the link to automatically reset your password.
  • My invite to the portal has expired.

  • You have 72 hours to active your subscription. If you haven't activated within this period you will have to request a new invitation. Please email your sales rep or
  • I want to change my delivery method.

  • Please address this question to your sales representative via the portal's chat function or via email at
  • I would like a colleague to have access to the NSS portal.

  • Users with Admin access can invite their colleagues to access the NSS portal. If you need to know who your admin is, please email Please note that our policy mandates that each user must have their own login.
  • I'd like to get my subscriptions emailed to me.

  • Click on "My Profile” under "Settings" on landing page. Click on Email Subscriptions. Select and submit one or more features to be emailed.
  • I'd like to stop getting my subscriptions emailed to me.

  • Click on "My Profile” under "Settings" on landing page. Click on "Email Subscriptions". Deselect and submit one or more features that are no longer to be emailed.
  • Can you send my cartoons in a different file format?

  • We are limited to making cartoons available in the following formats: Syndicate Cartoons: black and white .TIF, RGB .jpg and CMYK .TIF. News Service Cartoons: PDF's for all three versions.
  • The page or portal isn't loading correctly.

  • Our preferred browser is Google Chrome. The site also works optimally on Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11. However, older versions of Internet Explorer (versions older than IE 11) do not perform optimally. Please logout and login again to see if the problem is corrected.
  • I can't see the right rail on the NSS portal when I am using Google Chrome.

  • Change your browser's zoom from 70% to 100% and the right rail should surface.
  • My FTP feed isn't working

  • Typically, a feed will seem to be broken if the ftp connection has not been allowed due to a delivery problem at either The Post's or client's end. Please notify us of the interruption via the portal's chat function.
  • How do I insert the No Index Tag?

  • To comply with the search index prohibition, include the following tag in the section of all pages with Service content: <meta name="robots" content="noindex">.


    Who is my sales rep?

  • We are in the process of adding information about your sales rep under the "My Company" section in the Settings tab. In the meantime, please email
  • I would like to use an article I see on that is not in the NSS portal or in my feed. How can I request this?

  • Please use the chat function on the NSS portal for these requests. If you are unable to login, please email
  • Why am I seeing a purchase button?

  • The purchase button indicates articles that are part of packages to which you do not subscribe. You are able to purchase these articles on a one-time basis using this button.
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