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The WP Licensing & Syndication is a division of The Washington Post that curates and licenses stories that impact the world - and your business.

Our audience is your audience

Supplement your newsroom's journalism with world coverage from The Washington Post. WP Licensing & Syndication offers a variety of content licensing packages for news organizations to help engage your audiences and enhance your existing reporting.

  • Complement your journalism -- With 26 bureaus across the globe and more than 1000 journalists, The Washington Post's reach and understanding of different regions and audiences broaden your own news coverage.
  • Range of sections include National, World, Health, Business, Technology, Features, Entertainment, BookWorld, Sports, Opinion and Spanish.
  • Formats may include news articles, videos, podcasts and other media.

Help your readers worldwide make sense of it all. Start a News Service & Syndicate content license agreement today.

From travel to food, to parenting, The Washington Post is your source for all things in life.

Our journalism thrives at the intersection of critical reporting and fascinating human stories. Incorporate compelling stories, images and videos with your lifestyle business's content marketing strategy.

Meet your global audience wherever they are.

Industry news, analysis, advice and solutions to educate and engage financial consumers and business decision makers.

With one of the highest reaches to global business, policy and industry leaders, WP Licensing & Syndication help brands engage the change-makers transforming our world.

Include finance and business reporting in your content strategy today.

Establish credibility and trust by featuring Washington Post health content for your prospective consumers.

A variety of evergreen content for health care and health care agencies to help engage your audiences and enhance your existing reporting.

Learn how to get started on your health care content marketing strategy.

Inform the intellectually curious in all corners of the globe.

Content solutions, articles and multimedia: WP Licensing & Syndication offers a range of educational content to help students of all ages develop important skills using the highest quality of journalism from The Washington Post.

  • Select from rich and in-depth reporting to enhance your education materials and promote development of news literacy, writing styles, critical thinking, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, debate, research and more.
  • Publication examples:
  • The Washington Post News Service
  • KidsPost
  • Answer Sheet

Harness the power of The Washington Post.

We partner with organizations to perform text and data monitoring on our award-winning journalism.

The Washington Post open doors to valuable information to help your customers make informed business decisions.

  • Monitor and conduct analysis on your clients' brand performance in the media
  • Easy-to-use - Get insights delivered through a continuously updated XML Feed

Contact us today to discuss a license to begin monitoring articles from The Washington Post.


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