The former Fox News and NBC host is hinting that she wants to return to TV.

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Husband cheated repeatedly and admits to using an escort service.

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Adults from a variety of careers are needed to steer them in a positive direction.

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Family member wants to keep conversation away from politics.

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There are other options, such as the Crisis Text Line or visiting a primary care doctor.

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” debuted at the top of the box office.

Maritza Cibuls had a hard time sleeping after seeing what looked like a ghost on her baby monitor.

Experts have some pretty clear ideas about how best to help kids who have a conflict to resolve, and why working through an issue is better than letting them fight it out at the playground.

From Alison Roman, it combines the nutty squash with spicy pistachios and tart, lemony yogurt.

Where those letters went is a real mystery.

Your bones do a lot more than just holding up your organs.

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Reader telecommutes from an area where people generally earn much lower salaries.

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Tell them explicitly you won’t stand for their disrespect of your and your husband’s authority as parents.

The British singer’s career straddles chart-topping dominance and critical, niche success.

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Round, square, sweet or savory: There's no wrong way to eat them.

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Daughter wants to contribute while she and her spouse temporarily move in with them.

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