Schultz personifies why the political middle gets a bad rap: It’s seen as wishy-washy, corporate, elitist. But what if there’s an alternative?

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Young woman is too embarrassed and traumatized to report soon-to-be doctor.

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Cutting out dough in advance lets kids focus on the decorations.

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How much food to serve oneself when meal is of several appetizer-size dishes.

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If you’re old enough to get married, you’re old enough to stand up to your parents.

Desmond Amofah, known online as Etika, attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers by making game reaction videos. His work took a disturbing turn in recent months.

Stephanie Grisham is known for punching back on behalf of the Trumps — husband and wife.

This mystery features a magical spot in the woods and a generations-old family feud.

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Companies are trying to rein in medical misinformation on social media, but the problem isn’t just technological. It’s also human.

Several Hollywood A-listers gave a reading of select parts of the report in New York.

So long, hockey puck. Hello, ground chuck?

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Why didn’t she share her accusations against Trump sooner? If you’ve read her work, you understand.

Shifts in the rules have still resulted in a Eurocentric, male-dominated list.

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It's not as rich and creamy as the real deal, but it will not disappoint.

The reality TV star is a wizard at keeping the spotlight exactly where she wants it.

These easy-to-make ice pops are colorful and tasty — perfect for a hot summer day.

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