Increased kitchen activity means your knife could use some attention. Here's how to get it sharp again.

Serve these rolls, cornbread muffins or biscuits at the big meal, and then save them for sandwiches.

Child exploitation experts are worried about children’s newly robust online lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Danielle Braff
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The writer sees young people as the real hope for change.

  • KK Ottesen
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The energy-density diet, which prioritizes foods that are low in calories for their volume, still works. Here's why.

“Unless you’ve been hungry, you can’t imagine how I felt,” said Rob Adams, who started Thanksgiving's Heroes. “I told myself, ‘Someday, if I have money, I’m going to do this for somebody else.’ ”

  • Cathy Free
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“It’s been a hard year,” said Julie Zimmer, who started hanging her Christmas lights in October. “We’ll all have to do things to keep our spirits up, together.”

Accomplished cook receives faux proposals from married male guests. She wants to spare the wives.

Kids want dad to find happiness, but his new love is driving a wedge between them.

He wonders: Break up now or wait? First, there are some questions he should ask himself.

The unlikely friendship of Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton carries on even as they face loss from the pandemic.

Make a belly-warming Thanksgiving soup recipe to kick off your holiday meal.

Geneticist Rene Begay hopes to improve health outcomes for her community. But as a Navajo woman, she wants to protect her people from a repetition of past colonial injuries.

  • Oscar Schwartz
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The veteran journalist reflects on 2020’s misinformation campaigns — and the way forward.

With the right adjustments, you can substitute many onions and their cousins for each other.

Whether it's imagining a vaccine clinic or wearing masks in a pretend factory, the make-believe can help children process big feelings.

  • Julia Pelly
  • ·

From Colonial Williamsburg to the Vegas Strip, popular attractions have had to adapt creatively to safety requirements.

Going virtual amid the pandemic has increased access to critical meetings, but for some, the feeling of connection just isn’t the same.

Moisture might be the reason, so address that issue before repainting.

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