The coming cicada infestation could make dining outdoors a din, but some restaurants aren't worried.

The longtime journalist has led the news service since 2017, serving as Washington bureau chief before that. She succeeds Martin Baron, who retired in February.

In the years since Jack’s death, when I would see a random cicada, it was with a mixture of pain and sweetness. Now his brother is loving them, too.

  • Anna Whiston-Donaldson
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Calming vibrations? A meditation headband that senses your brain activity? Experts say the concept of wearable technology for stress relief is promising, but questions remain about effectiveness.

Before improving your home or making a big purchase, consider how it could affect your homeowners insurance needs.

Mary Winn Heider’s “The Losers at the Center of the Galaxy” features a dad who has disappeared.

  • Mary Quattlebaum
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The senator from Illinois discusses her years of poverty and how that informs what she brings to the job.

  • KK Ottesen
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Tiffany & Co. has been selling the women’s solitaire diamond engagement ring since 1886. It only took 135 years for men to get their own version.

As neighbors traded gentle insults on their storefront signs, other businesses started chiming in with their own jabs.

  • Sydney Page
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Reader wants to know who should send out graduation invitations.

They talked about the same goals when they were together. Ex has taken a different path.

Her late husband’s parents stepped up when he died two years ago, but now that she’s pregnant and engaged, they’re badmouthing her to her own children.

Someone being abused or trafficked may hold up their hand to ask for help.

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Rep. Jim Banks tells 'Fox News Sunday' host: 'I have serious concerns about how the election in November was...carried out." That's standard Big Lie language.

Fast and delicious shrimp recipes to get a meal on the table lightning-fast!

Our readers are full of great ideas for making the most of your freezer storage.

My epic struggle to say it to one of my best friends.

  • Ken Budd
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They want all of my attention, all of the time and are disappointed when they don’t get it. No matter how much of ourselves we give to our kids, it’s never enough.

  • Michelle Hainer
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Interruptions in conversation used to be natural. Try it on a video call.

  • Rachel Kurzius
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There are lots of options. Try painting, covering it with veneer, adding carpet — or replacing the tread.

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