Carolyn Hax: Wife’s ‘boundaries’ with teen son feel controlling

Spouse thinks wife’s "boundaries" go too far in controlling teen son’s phone use during family TV time.

By Carolyn HaxDecember 2, 2022

Miss Manners: My sister-in-law keeps flirting with my husband

A reader wants to say something to stop their sister-in-law from making inappropriate remarks about their husband.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinDecember 2, 2022

Ask Amy: My mother never acknowledged my stepfather abusing me

Reader deals with the ramifications of her stepfather’s abuse and her mother’s neglect decades later.

By Amy DickinsonDecember 2, 2022

At state dinner, Biden and Macron stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’

The French and U.S. presidents clinked crystal to cap a two-day whirl of bonhomie, spiced with slight disagreement.

By Dan Zak, Roxanne Roberts, Jada Yuan and Jura KonciusDecember 1, 2022

Jill Biden’s twinkling state-dinner dress revived a first lady tradition

Jill Biden wore a sparkly, navy Oscar de la Renta dress to the state dinner with the Macrons, continuing a first-lady connection to the American designer.

By Ashley Fetters MaloyDecember 1, 2022

Guests at Macron state dinner include Colbert, Louis-Dreyfus

A long list of politicos and a sprinkling of celebs join the White House's fete for the French president.

By Washington Post StaffDecember 1, 2022

Washington Post lays off Pulitzer-winning dance critic in spate of cuts

Sarah Kaufman, The Post's dance critic for a quarter-century, was laid off this week along with others.

By Sarah EllisonDecember 1, 2022

CNN makes massive staff cuts as news industry prepares for a dark winter

CNN and the Gannett newspaper chain are laying off staffers this week. Other cuts are expected at other major news organizations.

By Jeremy Barr and Elahe IzadiDecember 1, 2022

Feedfeed settles discrimination lawsuit by ex-employees

Two women of color had alleged that Feedfeed, a digital food media company, had discriminated against them and created a hostile work environment.

By Tim CarmanDecember 1, 2022

This $17 sparkling rosé is a vibrant way to welcome guests

A selection of three delicious wines to drink this week.

By Dave McIntyreDecember 1, 2022

What’s a state dinner, again? Macron is back for the first one post-covid.

The Bidens will welcome France's Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, for a state dinner Thursday. Here's everything you need to know about this White House ritual.

By Roxanne RobertsDecember 1, 2022

13 holiday cookie recipes to bring color and joy to the season

Our 18th annual holiday cookie package is full of fun, colorful and tasty recipes for all kinds of bakers and diets.

By Becky KrystalDecember 1, 2022

Teen brains aged faster than normal from pandemic stress, study says

The study which measured brain age after about 10 months of lockdown showed that teen brains had aged at least three years in that time.

By Katherine Reynolds LewisDecember 1, 2022

These salty and sweet crisped rice treats have a Singaporean spirit

These vegan salted 'kacang puteh' crisped rice treats combine the cereal dessert with the street food of Singapore.

By Gan Chin LinDecember 1, 2022

Gizzada cookie bars turn a Jamaican specialty into a simpler bake

Jamaican gizzada are typically made as small tarts, but converting them to bars helps them become an anytime dessert.

By Mila ClarkeDecember 1, 2022

Ginger lights up these Nigerian chin chin, bite-size fried sweets

Chin chin, a bite-size Nigerian fried specialty, are enlivened with the flavors of the gingery hibiscus drink known as zobo.

By Lopè AriyoDecember 1, 2022

Luxe chocolate raspberry truffle sandwich cookies make a great gift

These gluten-free chocolate raspberry truffle sandwich cookies are the best kind of indulgence.

By Taffy ElrodDecember 1, 2022

Orange blossom snickerdoodles add enticing fragrance to a classic

Fragrant floral and citrus flavors add delicate dimension to these orange blossom snickerdoodles.

By Nasim LahbichiDecember 1, 2022

Slice-and-bake strawberry-pistachio cookies riff on a family favorite

Full of color and flavor, these two-toned strawberry and pistachio cookies will brighten your day.

By Amisha GurbaniDecember 1, 2022

Peppermint s’mores cookies put a vegan twist on a winter favorite

These chewy, vegan chocolate peppermint smores cookies are studded with marshmallows, candy and chocolate chunks.

By Maya MadsenDecember 1, 2022