President Trump and Joe Biden’s visits to Pennsylvania and other battleground states are also about getting the attention of local media.

Whether you want cocktails or zero-proof beverages, you can still embrace the spirit of the season.

Hey, the 2024 race is about to begin! Will four (or eight) years as Trump’s loyal No. 2 pay off?

"I’m hoping that somebody in his family might hear about the package and come forward," said Ron Sargent, who received the package at his leather repair shop in Laurel. "I’d love to be able to get the boots back to them."

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Pre-pandemic get-togethers at a local bar a few nights a week have turned to daily visits.

‘Upset Daughter’ wants their 90-year-old mom to let them read letters from Dad.

It clearly bothers the parents, but how do you get her to stop saying that?

Taylor was chewed out on-air by anchor Chris Cuomo, but the network says the Trump critic “will remain a CNN contributor.”

RECOMMENDED | Plus, another Italian pinot grigio, a jammy Aussie red, a skin-contact Greek white, a slightly sweet California red for this week’s sips.

The services launched several years ago are seeing fast-growing expansion.

How to make seasoned bread crumbs to add crunch and flavor to pastas, vegetables and more

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“It was a romantic thing for young people in the ’60s and ’70s”: A look back at hitching’s freewheeling heyday.

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My wife and I haven’t had the heart to tell 4-year-old Autumn that the novel coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon. But the guilt of wondering whether that’s the right approach has become heavy.

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Shibuya Eatery, from veteran chef Darren Norris, serves expert noodles, skewers and more

In Upstate New York, spectacular leaves, hikes galore and plenty of space for vacationers.

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Thanksgiving dinners in the coronavirus era will look different, as families get creative.

People who share a name with the iconic monster of fiction face a life of perpetual bad jokes and surprised expressions.

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Juggling careers and kids was already a struggle for millions of American women. Then the pandemic hit.

In their zeal to influence voters, filmmakers shouldn’t sacrifice art that endures.

Men in power might sympathize with women’s issues, but Kamala Harris knows them by heart.

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