Her boyfriend is having money issues but also isn't “bringing the non-monetary equivalent to the relationship.”

Grandma-to-be goes through with shower after mom-to-be asks her to reschedule.

Cleaning brushes and sponges are among the many other uses for dishwashers.

Reader wants a response that will discourage further talk of changed appearance.

  • Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina Martin
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Free press advocates called Gov. Mike Parson's comments against a St. Louis Post-Dispatch journalist "absurd."

Nobody talking about diets agrees on everything, but there are some things reasonable people should be able to agree on.

No, you're not harvesting carbon.

RECOMMENDED | Plus, a classic Argentine malbec, two delicious whites from Italy and a French vouvray for a week of tasty sips.

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The late Supreme Court justice had some unexpected views on NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's kneeling protest during the national anthem. So she edited out some of them.

Prepping butternut squash requires a sharp knife and/or peeler, plus a little guidance.

Ruled at times by the Venetians, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs and Austrians, the Istria peninsula of Croatia is rich in elaborate architecture, delicious food and complicated history.

  • Anna Mazurek
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What you need to know about space heaters, generators, power outages and more.

Rice is safe to eat, but experts say adults and especially young children should avoid eating it for every meal to avoid chronic arsenic exposure.

  • Cara Rosenbloom
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Readers ask critic Tom Sietsema about "farmed swordfish," bringing outside wine to a restaurant, and call buttons for waiters.

Arizona’s spectacular Upper Antelope Canyon, which reopened to the public this summer, attracts photographers from around the world.

  • Christine Dell'Amore
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What model do I need, and can I replace one myself?

“It’s crazy how life works sometimes,” tweeted Johana Peña with a photo of her and her mother. "Thank you, mama, I am so proud to be your daughter!”

  • Cathy Free
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Friday was not the first time Australian residents mistakenly alerted first responders after smelling the tropical fruit.

"Inexperienced flirter" enjoys chatting with a friendly neighbor and isn't sure what comes next.

He continues to set up dates and even tried to show up unannounced at her job.

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