The lawyer was writing to Nixon to “do something which may be unprecedented ”: to directly apply, as a self-identified “Negro woman,” for a seat on the Supreme Court.

The former Alaska governor has not stopped dining indoors and outdoors, despite being unvaccinated and not self-isolating following her recent positive coronavirus test.

The Irish poet's 1979 collection draws a line between the unusual and the familiar.

  • J.R. Patterson
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Two of the year's most anticipated cookbooks are in shipping containers that went overboard during a storm in the Atlantic.

Give each other plenty of space, keep the mood light and other tips for sharing a hotel room with your young adult children.

  • Kathryn Streeter
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The WFT will officially rebrand February 2 with a new name and new burgundy-and-gold uniforms.

Respected by winegrowers in Virginia and beyond, Tony Wolf helped put the state's wine on the national and international stage.

RECOMMENDED | To round out the week, we also have two sparklers for your Valentine’s Day plans, a white blend stunner from Virginia and a classic zin.

Once mostly appealing to business travelers, extended-stay hotels are now trying to lure families and vacationers.

“I never know exactly how anything will turn out until I’m knee-deep in the process or when the photo shoot is over,” says Post photographer Marvin Joseph.

The Florida case — in which the initial judge’s decision was overturned — is indicative of the murky process of judicial bypass, legal experts say.

The financial journalist will enter cable news’s suddenly competitive 11 p.m. slot — and make space for a "Morning Joe" expansion.

Schneider was not just a transgender TV star, she was "a smart, confident woman doing something super normal."

Hardy greens such as curly or Tuscan kale, Swiss Chard, mustard greens or collards become an especially lush pesto in cooler months.

Grandparents in ancient times were much more active than today's, and had fewer chronic conditions.

  • Amby Burfoot
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Scoops about a majestically opaque American institution are generally hard to come by.

Advice on how to find a veterinarian who provides the care and service your pets deserve without wrecking your treat budget.

  • Kevin Brasler
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Two years into the pandemic, the threats and vitriol have not stopped. And the many Americans who still trust him are exhausted.

Ella Hawkins’s art history cookies mimic her favorite designs and period costumes.

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