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In a moment of Oscars insanity, ‘Moonlight’ won best picture after ‘La La Land’ was announced

Well that was interesting. Warren Beatty seemed like he was just joking around when he took so long to read the best picture winner. It turns out, he was just confused because he had pulled the envelope for best actress (Emma Stone in “La La Land”). When he handed the card to Faye Dunaway, she announced “La La Land” as the winner, even though “Moonlight” was the real victor.

But before the truth was revealed, everyone imaginable involved with “La La Land” took the stage. Producer Jordan Horowitz gave an entire acceptance speech. Shortly afterward, Horowitz returned to the podium to announce there was a mistake. “This is not a joke,” he said and held up the correct card, which read “Moonlight” as best picture.

“La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz holds up the winner card reading actual best picture winner “Moonlight,” with actor Warren Beatty. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In a word: awkward.

Beatty tried to explain the situation, and host Jimmy Kimmel offered a couple of jokes — “I blame Steve Harvey” — plus an apology. He said he knew he was going to screw this up somehow.

“Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins was so dumbfounded by the turn of events, he could barely muster an acceptance speech.

“Even in my dreams this could not be true, but to hell with dreams, I’m done with it because this is true. Oh my goodness,” he said before wandering away from the microphone to embrace the cast.

Some of those associated with “Moonlight” who took the stage still looked a little despondent from what they thought was a loss.

The award is the third of the night for the movie, which also won best adapted screenplay and best supporting actor for Mahershala Ali. “La La Land,” meanwhile, won a total of six awards.

Historically bizarre ending to Oscars: ‘Moonlight’ wins best picture after ‘La La Land’ is announced.

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