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Having a disappointing Valentine’s Day? You’re not the only one.

Feb. 14 isn't all candy, roses and cupid arrows: for some folks, the "Hallmark holiday" brings back back awkward, cringe-worthy memories. (Video: Allie Caren, Breanna Muir/The Washington Post)

Sometimes Feb. 14 is memorable for all the wrong reasons: a night spent alone when you’d rather be with someone special. A date that’s a literal snooze. A valentine who doesn’t match your effort — or doesn’t even know your name.

It’s inevitable, isn’t it? The high expectations around Valentine’s Day set us up to be disappointed. A recent poll from the Economist and YouGov found that 39 percent of women have been disappointed on Valentine’s Day — compared with 19 percent of men. Just over a quarter of men (26 percent) in the survey were willing to recognize that they may have caused a V-Day fail, compared with 14 percent of women.

Several Washington Post staffers dished about their own worst Valentine’s Day, in the video above. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe. We sincerely hope you’re having a better one than these folks.

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