The video from a security camera at a Maryland home shows Jackson Champagne, 8, experiencing a trick-or-treater’s worst Halloween nightmare.

He went onto the porch, ready to help himself to a treat after the homeowners put out a self-serve candy bowl. But there was a problem: There was no candy. Just an empty bowl.

“All gone,” the boy exclaimed. “There ain’t no more candy.”

The 24-second video shows Jackson quickly reaching into his own candy stash and pulling out two handfuls of treats to put into the bowl so other trick-or-treaters wouldn’t walk away empty-handed. His aunt responded, “Awww. That was really nice, Jackson.”

Jackson’s Halloween kindness went viral after homeowner Leslie Hodges posted the clip from her security camera to Facebook, where it’s been viewed 4 million times. Jackson’s parents then reached out to Hodges on social media.

Hodges said she put out the bowl because her husband, a Prince George’s County firefighter, had to work and she was taking their 3-year-old daughter out for trick-or-treating. Her husband watched some of the live security camera video and sent her a few cute videos of kids coming up in costumes and getting treats from their front porch.

Hodges said her husband sent her the video of Jackson and said, “You won’t believe this.”

“He renewed the faith that there are still some good people out there,” Hodges said.

Their daughter checked the bowl when she got back to their Gambrills, Md., home in Anne Arundel County to see whether any candy was left. “Nope, someone got it,” she said of Jackson’s candy.

Jackson’s dad, 27-year-old Ty Champagne, said no one knew what Jackson was doing in the moment, but he wasn’t surprised by his son’s good deed.

“That’s the type of kid Jackson is. He’s always giving,” Champagne said. “He’s a very sweet, kind and soft-spoken kid. I’ve never seen a moment where he acts out negatively toward humanity.”

Hodges said she wanted Jackson to “know how much he touched everyone.” After Jackson’s dad reached out on social media, she asked whether they could give him candy, but his parents said that wasn’t necessary. Hodges then asked if they could buy him a gift card to his favorite store.

The families plan to meet over the weekend so the Hodgeses can meet Jackson and give him a gift card to Target.

Champagne said Jackson gives a box of his toys each year at the holidays to kids in need, and he and his dad had talked about giving more this season. Jackson enjoys the Harry Potter character, as well as dancing and playing make-believe, his dad said.

Friday morning before Jackson went to school, Champagne told his son that some people might mention the video. His dad advised him to say thank you and “don’t get a big head."

And if he felt like it, his dad advised, he could explain why he left his own candy in the empty bowl. Champagne said he asked his son why he did it, and Jackson responded, “For the kids after me.”

Jackson was excited to go to school Friday after his new stardom.

“He’s a spotlight kid,” Champagne said. “He’s meant for the camera.”

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