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Have a story for Inspired Life? Here’s how to submit.

(Washington Post illustration; iStock) ((Washington Post illustration; iStock))

The Washington Post reports every day on uplifting stories from across the country. We highlight topical, random acts of kindness and tales of people performing selfless deeds in their communities.

Do you know of an inspiring story? Tell us here. We appreciate any quick tips from your neighborhood or town. A reporter may contact you with additional questions about your submission.

How do I submit an uplifting news story?

Freelance reporters are welcome to submit articles they’ve reported and written. We are interested in stories about people making a difference. The act could be small or large but it should display the best in humanity. We especially value stories that are timely and are connected to news events.

If you’re submitting a reported article:

  • Be sure the story has not already been told by other national publications.
  • Submit the fully reported, completed piece at around 1,000-1,200 words, rather than a story idea.
  • Add links and cite sources where appropriate.
  • Include your contact information.

We only accept pitches that are exclusive to The Washington Post. If we would like to use your submission, an editor will email you within 10 days. The email may include edits or questions regarding the reporting. We are not able to reply to every submitted piece and ask that you only submit an article once due to the number of submissions we receive.

Want to submit an article? Please email

What if I want to submit a personal essay?

Inspired Life also welcomes personal essays about interesting or unusual true stories from writers’ own lives. Here are some examples:

Amy Schumer was honest about her husband’s autism, and I’m crying

The video of my dad appeared unexpectedly from a kind stranger. It gave me chills.

Here’s what happened when I quit drinking a year ago

If you’re submitting an essay:

  • It must be exclusive to The Washington Post and may not have been submitted to other publishers.
  • Please send the entire piece in the range of 1,000-1,200 words.
  • Include your contact information.

As with articles, we’ll contact you if we’d like to publish your work. The email may include edits or questions. We are not able to reply to every submitted piece and ask that you only submit an essay once due to the number of submissions we receive.

To submit an essay, please email