2019: A portfolio of illustrations

Art directors at The Washington Post commissioned work from more than 400 artists in 2019 to illustrate politics, entertainment and sporting events, among other topics. This work showcases art from all over the world. Take a look at some of the illustrators whose work appeared this year in print and digital coverage.


Best books of 2019. Artist: Embroidery by Sarah K. Benning

Best books of 2019

Artist: Embroidery by Sarah K. Benning

Art director: Eddie Alvarez

Game of Thrones. Artist: Pablo Olivera

Game of Thrones

Artist: Pablo Olivera

Art director: Eddie Alvarez

Summer books. Artist: Michelle Mruk

Celebrities and sunglasses

Artist: Kristian Hammerstad

Art director: Christian Font

Old Town Road. Artist: Noa Denmon

Old Town Road

Artist: Noa Denmon

Art director: Junne Alcantara

Bars with fireplaces. Artist: Jennifer M Potter

Bars with fireplaces

Artist: Jennifer M Potter

Art director: Katherine Lee

Summer books. Artist: Michelle Mruk

Summer books

Artist: Michelle Mruk

Art director: Eddie Alvarez

Holiday happenings. Artist: Daniel Liévano

Holiday happenings

Artist: Daniel Liévano

Art director: Joanne Lee

What is an Oscar movie? Artist: Jason Raish

What is an Oscar movie?

Artist: Jason Raish

Art director: Eddie Alvarez

Fall TV (fall tv preview). Artist: James Firnhaber

Fall TV: Ken Burns

Artist: James Firnhaber

Art director: Eddie Alvarez

A guide to D.C. television shows. Artist: Aaron Meshon

A guide to D.C. television shows

Artist: Aaron Meshon

Art director: Eddie Alvarez

How not to fix Silicon Valley. Artist: Jonathan Bartlett

How not to fix Silicon Valley

Artist: Jonathan Bartlett

Art director: Elizabeth Hart

National Book Festival. Artist: Adriana Picker

National Book Festival

Artist: Adriana Picker

Art director: Twila Waddy

Fall arts guide. Artist: Nicholas Stevenson

Fall arts

Artist: Nicholas Stevenson

Art director: Vanessa Gregorchik and Junne Alcantara

How to watch TV. Artist: Stephen Maurice Graham (Stephen Maurice Graham for The Washington Post/Stephen Maurice Graham for The W)

How to watch TV

Artist: Stephen Maurice Graham

Art director: Junne Alcantara

The missing Oscars. Artist: Janet Sung

The missing Oscars

Artist: Janet Sung

Art director: Junne Alcantara


The Mueller Report Illustrated. Artist: Jan Feindt based on Washington Post photo

The Mueller Report Illustrated

Artist: Jan Feindt based on Washington Post photos

Art director: Katherine Lee

Conquerors of the courts. Artist: Sam Spratt

Conquerors of the courts

Artist: Sam Spratt

Art director: Michael Johnson

Judge Jeannine Pirro. Artist: Mitch Gee

Judge Jeannine Pirro

Artist: Mitch Gee

Art director: Joe Moore

Two friends, one judge. Artist: Lincoln Agnew

Two friends, one judge

Artist: Lincoln Agnew

Art director: Chris Rukan

How to run for Congress. Artist: Rami Niemi

How to run for Congress

Artist: Rami Niemi

Art director: Joanne Lee

Space Force adventure. Artist: Danny Schlitz

Space Force adventure

Artist: Danny Schlitz

Art director: Michael Johnson

Nancy Pelosi fashion. Artist: Nicolas Gremaud

Nancy Pelosi fashion

Artist: Nicolas Gremaud

Art director: Christian Font

Hamilton pushed for impeachment powers. Artist: Pep Montserrat

Hamilton pushed for impeachment powers

Artist: Pep Montserrat

Art director: Elizabeth Hart

2020 candidates. Artist: Ben Kirchner

2020 candidates

Artist: Ben Kirchner

Art director: Greg Manifold

Wisconsin. Artist: Matt Chase


Artist: Matt Chase

Art director: Beth Broadwater

What would it take to impeach. Artist: Tara Jacoby (Tara Jacoby for The Washington Post/Tara Jacoby)

What would it take to impeach

Artist: Tara Jacoby

Art director: Chris Rukan


Holiday gifts. Artist: Jasu Hu

Holiday gifts

Artist: Taylor Rose

Art directors: Joanne Lee and Jake Crump

By the way cities. Artist: TK

By the way

Artists: Ju Schnee, Orawan Siripin, Allyx Capek, Maria Ku, Kelli Laderer and Silvia Pérez

Art directors: Rachel Orr, Christine Ashack and Kat Brooks

Sleep. Artist: Zach Meyer


Artist: Zach Meyer

Art director: Alla Dreyvitser

The beating heart. Artist: Patrik Svensson

The beating heart

Artist: Patrik Svensson

Art director: Christian Font

Wine. Artist: Zach Meyer


Artist: Paola Saliby

Art director: Joanne Lee

Kids health. Artist: Ery Burns

Kids health

Artist: Ery Burns

Art director: Alla Dreyvitser

Ready, set, grill. Artist: Christopher Delorenzo

Ready, set, grill

Artist: Christopher Delorenzo

Art director: Amanda Soto

Powder play in Japan. Artist and art director: Jose Soto

Powder play in Japan

Artist: Jose Soto

Art director: Jose Soto

Women’s health. Artist: Sarah Walsh

Women’s health

Artist: Sarah Walsh

Art director: Alla Dreyvitser

The Jessicas are turning 30. Artist: Jessica Hische

The Jessicas are turning 30

Artist: Jessica Hische

Art director: Amy King

Stress-relief teas. Artist: Lan Truong

Stress-relief teas

Artist: Lan Truong

Art director: Amanda Soto

The decade in travel. Illustrator: Ross Murray. Art direction: Christine Ashack

The decade in travel

Artist: Ross Murray

Art director: Christine Ashack

kids and stress. Illustrator: Marc Boutavant

Stress can be good for kids

Artist: Marc Boutavant

Art director: Vicky Fogg

Winter weather. Artist: Tomi Um

Winter weather

Artist: Tomi Um

Art director: Andrew Braford

Feeling ‘sick as a dog’? There might be a connection between the health of pets and their owners. Vicky Fogg art director. Artist: RAN ZHENG FOR THE WASHINGTON POST

A new meaning for ‘sick as a dog’?

Artist: Ran Zheng

Art director: Vicky Fogg


Nationals win World Series. Artist: Rob Dobi

Nationals win World Series

Artist: Rob Dobi

Art director: Virginia Singarayar

The Nationals. Artist: Cristiano Siqueira

The Nationals

Artist: Cristiano Siqueira

Art director: Virginia Singarayar

‘It’s my escape’. Artist: Matt Saunders

‘It’s my escape’

Artist: Matt Saunders

Art director: Joe Moore

Never done. Artist: Catherine A. Moore

Never done

Artist: Catherine A. Moore

Art director: Virginia Singarayar

Harper leaves. Artist: Butcher Billy

Harper leaves

Artist: Butcher Billy

Art director: Brianna Schroer

Fighting for equity in sports. Artist: Joseph Alessio

Fighting for equity in sports

Artist: Joseph Alessio

Art director: Virginia Singarayar

Can Hideo Kojima save us? Artist: Alessandro Pautasso

Can Hideo Kojima save us?

Artist: Alessandro Pautasso

Art director: Joe Moore

Capitol exhalation. Artist: Jon Krause

Capitol exhalation

Artist: Jon Krause

Art director: Christian Font


Jamal Khashoggi. Artist: David Despau based on a photo by the Asahi Shimbun

Jamal Khashoggi

Artist: David Despau based on a photo by the Asahi Shimbun

Art director: Chris Rukan

One year later Khashoggi. Artist: Brian Stauffer

One year later

Artist: Brian Stauffer

Art director: Chris Rukan

Yazidi refugees in Canada. Artist: Shonagh Rae

Yazidi refugees in Canada

Artist: Shonagh Rae

Art director: Clare Ramirez

The perils of empire. Artist: Chris Buzelli

The perils of empire

Artist: Chris Buzelli

Art director: Chris Rukan

Spain’s Vox party. Artist: Alvaro Dominguez

Spain’s Vox party

Artist: Alvaro Dominguez

Art director: Chris Rukan

Afghanistan. Artist: Sam Ward

The Afghanistan war

Artist: Sam Ward

Art director: Ellen Collier


Houses and chemical additives. Artist: Jasu Hu

Houses and chemical additives

Artist: Jasu Hu

Art director: Dwuan June

Date brokers selling secrets. Artist: Zoë van Dijk

Date brokers selling secrets

Artist: Zoë van Dijk

Art director: Clare Ramirez

Cyber Monday. Artist: Vidhya Nagarajan

Cyber Monday

Artist: Vidhya Nagarajan

Art director: Clare Ramirez

Health and science. Artist: Stephan Walter

Teaching moments in prosthetics

Artist: Stephan Walter

Art director: Alla Dreyvitser

Double Truck for special section. Artist: MICHELLE KONDRICH

Pricing and offers in real estate

Artist: Michelle Kondrich

Art director: Dwuan June

The spy in your wallet. Artist: Matt Chinworth

The spy in your wallet

Artist: Matt Chinworth

Art director: Clare Ramirez


Teaching America’s truth. Artist: Joan Wong from images from New York Public Library

Teaching America’s truth

Artist: Joan Wong from images from New York Public Library

Art director: Tyler Remmel

Women remember the moon landing. Artist: Nancy Liang

Women remember the moon landing

Artist: Nancy Liang

Art director: Mia Torres

Closed. Artist: Franziska Barczyk


Artist: Franziska Barczyk

Art director: Michael Johnson

Climate change. Artists: Isabelle Cardinal and Vasava

Climate change

Artist: Isabelle Cardinal and Vasava

Art director: Suzette Moyer and Christian Font

Moonrise. Artist and art director: Courtney Kan


Artist: Courtney Kan

Art director: Courtney Kan

The Jim Crow car. Artist: Christina Chung

The Jim Crow car

Artist: Christina Chung

Art director: Christian Font

Parenting. Artist: Josée Bisaillon


Artist: Josée Bisaillon

Art director: Cece Pascual

Climate change. Artist: Josée Bisaillon

Climate change

Artist: Hanna Lee Joshi

Art director: Lucy Naland

Decade definers. Artist: Jacob Thomas. Art director: Beth Broadwater

Decade definers

Artist: Jacob Thomas

Art director: Beth Broadwater

Climate change quiz. Artist: Michael Parkin

Climate change quiz

Artist: Michael Parkin

Art director: Aviva Loeb

A sustainable Thanksgiving. Artist: Maria Corte

A sustainable Thanksgiving

Artist: Maria Corte

Art director: Emma Kumer

12 seconds of gunfire. Artist: Wesley Allsbrook

12 seconds of gunfire

Artist: Wesley Allsbrook

Art directors: Suzette Moyer and Seth Blanchard

Designed by Twila Waddy

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