You know how this year has seemed like a dozen years all in one? How so much happened in what seems like a very short 365 days? Well, the same goes for parenting coverage in this pandemic year.

The 10 most-read pieces of 2020 illustrate all the various aspects of parenting that affect us. Check them out to see what you were missing, or, like me, to remind yourself what a long, strange year it’s been.

The most read piece of 2020, maybe surprisingly, had nothing to do with the pandemic or remote learning. Instead, it was about an ad that looked incredibly familiar to a lot of us mothers, showcasing what postpartum life is really like. The commercial (surprise, surprise) created a lot of controversy.

This was the most amazing, wrenching and ultimately joyful piece, and it looks like you thought so, too. Caitlin Gibson wrote about a woman who was pregnant with twins and dying of covid. Her doctors made a quick decision that saved everyone. (Come for the read, stay for the beautiful photos.)

This was a large collection of resources and ideas for entertaining, educating and comforting our kids in this unprecedented time, created in the spring and then updated in the summer as available resources changed. We hope it helped you get through with a little fun and peace.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that this fun, smart piece on fort-building was the fourth-most-read piece of the year. I do believe there was a lot of this going on (raises hand), and what better time to find a new, cozy nook than the year 2020?

This amazing piece about a 27-year-old embryo took awhile to wrap my mind around. It’s a fascinating read.

Early on in the pandemic, we all were still trying to figure out what to do to keep ourselves safe. Despite all efforts, this mom caught covid. What a wrenching tale this is, being separated from her infant in her own home.

We know how important it is to wear masks to keep ourselves and others safe. So this writer explained how difficult it is for some people with autism to wear a mask, but also how to keep them and their loved ones safe.

This is one of those perfect essays that tells a story that happened to the writer, but that we could all relate to. It doesn’t hurt that it’s laugh-out-loud funny — something we all could have used more of this year.

The what-to-do-about-seeing-grandparents conundrum is a big one (one we’re still struggling with in my house). See them and risk making them sick. Don’t see them and you all suffer emotionally and otherwise. What a struggle this year has been on so many levels.

And our 10th-most-read piece was, well, mine about how to help a child reset after a bad day. I love calling up experts and asking for advice that pertains to my own family, and I’m glad it could help you, too.

Now please excuse me while I run off to go hit that reset button for the year 2021. Cheers!

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