Is it covid or just allergies? Your questions about symptoms and vaccines, answered.

Stefanie and Matt Dunahay, both 39, wait to receive their coronavirus disease vaccine at the Bradfield Community Center in Lima, Ohio, on March 29. (Megan Jelinger/Reuters)

In ordinary springtimes, many allergy sufferers must cope with bothersome, or even debilitating, symptoms such as itchy, red, watery eyes; sneezing; a runny or stuffy nose, and sometimes, coughing, wheezing or feeling short of breath. But during this pandemic, they are also dealing with concerns about whether their symptoms might be due to covid-19.

As the beginning of this year’s pollen season coincides with yet another troubling increase in new coronavirus infections, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about allergies, the coronavirus and vaccines. The information and recommendations below are drawn from previously published Washington Post articles and new interviews with allergy and immunology experts.

FAQ: Single or double? The latest advice on masks and covid.

Please keep in mind that as research into the virus and vaccines continues, guidance may change. We will update this FAQ accordingly.