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Comments changes and what they mean for the Carolyn Hax community

On Thursday, The Post will upgrade its commenting system to provide a faster and more stable platform for readers. However, the ability to mark comments as off-topic and to hide off-topic comments will go away.

We know the off-topic button is popular among Carolyn’s commenters and has helped create a space to build a community. Many readers also enjoyed the ability to filter out off-topic comments. Here are some suggestions for how to adjust to this change:

· We encourage you to try to keep your discussion on-topic and related to the column.

· If you are posting an off-topic comment, please write OFF-TOPIC or OT at the beginning of the comment. This allows readers who are not interested in off-topic comments to collapse or skip those comments.

· Please try to keep your discussion on-topic for the morning to allow other readers time to comment on the column. For readers who want to read only the comments relevant to the column, we recommend sorting the comments by oldest first.

· If you are a reader who isn’t interested in off-topic comments, the new commenting system lets you collapse comment threads you don’t want to read. You can collapse comment threads by clicking on arrow buttons next to a comment.

We understand this change may be frustrating to some commenters. Carolyn’s Facebook page remains an option for discussion among her readers. You can share any questions or feedback by commenting below.