Art directors at The Washington Post commissioned work from more than 400 artists in 2021 to illustrate a range of topics, including the recovery from the pandemic, the vaccine rollout, the Olympics and January 6th. The following showcase represents artwork from around the world, along with links to previously published stories where the illustrations originally appeared in print and digital coverage.

Arts and entertainment

The 10 Best Books of 2021

How the romance genre found its happily ever after

Movies to satisfy your pent-up wanderlust

Love, in all its permutations

Fill out your Oscars ballot

Video game franchises we want raised from the dead

Cherry blossoms reimagined: After uncertainty in 2020, D.C. festivals find a way forward in 2021

Can You Pet The Dog? In many games, and in this article, you can.

What does reality TV owe Black women?

In ‘The Fortune Men,’ a corrupt legal system frames an innocent man

News and events

What were the Capitol rioters thinking on Jan. 6?

2021 March Madness Bracket

Can you eat cicadas? Yes, and here’s the best way to catch, cook and snack on them.

How 9/11 changed TV, art, sports, education, and more

Noah Lyles is ready for the moment

How to watch (some of) the Olympics online for free

They are Olympians. They are mothers. And they no longer have to choose.

What is Juneteenth

Everything you need for the return of travel

Mortality rate for Black babies is cut dramatically when Black doctors care for them after birth, researchers say

Every Cabinet job is about climate change now

Former president, private citizen and, perhaps, criminal defendant: Donald Trump’s new reality

Maybe it’s time to admit that the Statue of Liberty has never quite measured up

Opinion: It wasn’t hubris that drove America into Afghanistan. It was fear.

The Gift of Eihab Falah

What does justice for Jamal Khashoggi look like? Unleashing free expression in Saudi Arabia.

Lifestyle and features

In classical music, it’s the season of ‘Fire’ and ‘Eurydice,’ among other things

Discovering Dr. Wu

Dawoud Bey, Jasper Johns and ‘Automania’ are among the many compelling reasons to visit museums this summer

Our culture fetishizes youth. I want to celebrate my successes at any age.

Tom Sietsema’s 10 favorite restaurant dishes in the D.C. area

‘Together as a family’: Multigenerational living rises in pandemic

You like to drift off to podcasts. Your partner prefers silence. Headphones offer a compromise.

8 important — and overlooked — questions to ask before buying a home

To boost immunity, forget ‘magic pills.’ Focus on sleep, exercise, diet and cutting stress.

At Montana’s Big Sky Resort, a new perspective on skiing

Blood is a respected ingredient around the world, but less so in the U.S. A new book aims to change that.

The journey from seed to harvested Christmas tree is a long, winding road

Tiny cloffices — workspaces in closets — are big, thanks to the pandemic

Issues and service journalism

Weary of turmoil and division, most teens still voice faith in future, Post-Ipsos poll finds

Is D.C. finally on the brink of statehood?

America’s workers are exhausted and burned out — and some employers are taking notice

Merriam-Webster promoted a word game littered with offensive terms — the latest reckoning over language in the puzzle world

The inclusivity trap

Art with a point

iTrapped: All the things Apple won’t let you do with your iPhone

Are striped bass doomed? Some conservationists are worried.

Vaccine etiquette: A guide to politely navigating this new phase of the pandemic

Meet the scientist teaching AI to police human speech

Art with a point

The truth about caregiving: Your determination isn’t enough

I found my stolen Honda Civic using a Bluetooth tracker. It’s the latest controversial weapon against theft.

Five tactics used to spread vaccine misinformation in the wellness community, and why they work

7 books by trans and nonbinary authors to read this Pride Month

Byron Calhoun says abortion is never necessary to save a mother’s life. He’s the only high-risk OB/GYN in central West Virginia.

Can computer algorithms learn to fight wars ethically?

Navigating the return to office

The Nine

The pandemic caused a global surge in domestic violence. For victims with few options, abuse has become the new normal.

Illustrations from previous years

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