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To honor Betty White around what would have been her 100th birthday, fans have been encouraging donations to shelters and rescues — and posting photos of pets named after her.

Green or sprouted potatoes pose very little health risk, as long as you know how to deal with them.

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Improper installation is the culprit. Tear up your flooring and reinstall it, or live with it.

Monday would have been White’s 100th birthday.

Mother-in-law barely visited pre-covid and refuses to video call now, but still complains loudly on social media about missing her toddler grandchild.

Reader is holding out hope that his absent father will be in his family's life, but wants him to accept responsibility for his actions.

Reader once thought their relatives had classy, refined tastes. But as an adult, they realize maybe they were just snobs the whole time.

Jill Biden's recent trips may mark a subtle shift away from the first lady's focus on touting the administration’s political priorities and toward sending a message that the Bidens are empathizers.

Silicone and other reusable food-storage bags are a great way to reduce plastic waste. Here's how to take care of them.

Skip all the cleanup with this baked pasta recipe by putting the dried pasta right in the casserole dish, where it absorbs the sauce and tenderizes, lasagna-style.

Our neighborhood cliche-less captain is on the case.

Neighboring families have sons who play together sometimes, but one of the families is less responsive to invitations--and the other is feeling rejected.

Reader asks Amy's advice on how to process the pandemic and the scars it could leave behind.

The conservative news channel, which rose to prominence during the Trump administration and has promoted conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election and coronavirus pandemic, will be dropped from DirecTV in early April when its contract expires.

The purchase of NFTs essentially gives people membership to a yet-to-open establishment promising omakase — and exclusivity.

Skillet chicken dishes are quick, flavorful and infinitely variable. Plus, the cooking is often in a single pan.

There can be benefits to using sunrise alarm clocks, or dawn simulators, experts said. Here's what you need to know.

Son will sometimes choose screen time over playing outside with a friend. Is it time to set limits on screens?

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