The pandemic taught school officials that distance learning could work. But for some parents, snow days are sacred.

He led the program for 20 years after decades as a domestic and foreign correspondent for NBC.

  • Adelle M. Banks
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With strikeouts on the rise, MLB should consider moving the mound back.

Moist and fragrant carrot cake layers are complemented by irresistible brown butter-cream cheese frosting.

Trump abused his Facebook account hundreds of times, yet the company’s watchdog board claims his suspension was inappropriate.

Cooks and other insect-curious folks are treating the emergence of Brood X after 17 years with delight — and an appetite.

Travel fees that were suspended last year are being reinstated, while some governments are imposing new ones.

Recipes to celebrate with some of our favorite fictional mothers and grandmothers: Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose, "The Golden Girls."

We asked parent advocates how to make moms feel special this Mother’s Day, after what we can all agree was a year from hell.

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Soft and pillowy ricotta gnocchi are studded with lemon zest and paired with a spring-inspired leek and pea sauce.

My daughter’s fighting with her brother is relentless, and nothing seems to work.

BMI is an old health standard based on White measurements, and some experts say that should change.

  • Carly Stern
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Forget the fancy furniture, structured patios and pools that dominate American landscapes. For Carolyn Mullet, the most important elements in any garden are the plants.

"There was no Black girl hair,” said Morgan Bugg, who wanted to make her avatar resemble her. “I felt super sad.”

  • Sydney Page
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Napoleon, who died 200 years ago, was a power-hungry dictator who championed education and freedom of religion.

  • Marylou Tousignant
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Reader wears rubber gloves for household tasks and didn’t want to throw out damaged pair.

Husband thinks it’s rude to jump in until two beats after the speaker stops.

Language and financial barriers make for a difficult conversation.

How to respond when your family, who value only education and higher degrees, keep dismissing your career with, “You must like working with your hands.”

Why we're fascinated when billionaires split up.

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