Cafritz, who passed away at 91, believed in the now-quaint notion that well-intentioned people can differ in their political beliefs and still like each other.

GoFundMe donors raised more than enough to cover Noah Ruiz's Popsicle spree.

Cathy Merrill’s essay in The Washington Post shocked her employees, who viewed it as a threat to their job status.

Winemakers are hoping to attract younger consumers with a less fussy approach to wine with low-alcohol pours, skin-contact bottles and crisp, chilled reds.

RECOMMENDED | Plus, three rosés and a lively Spanish red for this week’s sipping.

Easy ideas to round out a meal and put a filling dinner on the table.

Renaissance-style artwork is a surprising find in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

  • Barbara Noe Kennedy
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At Imperfecto, chef Enrique Limardo aims to bridge Latin America and the Mediterranean.

A letter to my daughter this Mother's Day, as I think about what you'll remember from the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Alexandra Moe
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As Amtrak marks its 50th anniversary, its long-distance trains offer a glimpse of what rail travel looked like before 1971.

  • Justin Franz
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At-home euthanasia offers pets the solace of home and can be less stressful for owners. It also provides an opportunity to prepare rituals, include children and grieve privately.

  • Kathryn Streeter
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“She had the presence of mind to catch the baby and call for help,” said Dale Glenn, a doctor on the plane who helped her.

  • Sydney Page
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Should you give up on a friend who likes you, but doesn’t “like you” like you?

Many people don’t call to cancel coronavirus shots, reader says.

After a dozen years apart, Mom cherishes new relationship and worries she will ruin it.

Dentists require you to adhere to safety measures, so you have a right to ask about theirs.

The principled editorials and ambitious news coverage at his Pine Bluff Commercial influenced the course of race relations, politics and wilderness conservation.

The nation’s parks and forests saw record numbers last year, and that’s led to some changes.

  • Amanda Loudin
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A finer propaganda production would be harder to fashion.

Most people think you need to fly constantly in order to earn miles. You don’t.

  • Jen Ruiz
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