How to turn a soulless kitchen into a warm, inviting space

Whether it's with color, pattern or vintage accessories, kitchen design is (finally!) embracing personality and even imperfection.

By Laura FentonMay 30, 2023

Ask Amy: My new friend’s drama is too much for me

How can this reader gracefully back away from a new friend whose drama is all-encompassing?

By Amy DickinsonMay 30, 2023

Miss Manners: Why do people keep asking me why I haven’t retired yet?

A letter-writer is tired of the questions about retirement.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 30, 2023

Carolyn Hax: How to curb a controlling urge to drop ‘many, many hints’

Fearing that spouse will become overweight like his family, a letter-writer drops "many, many hints about healthy eating."

By Carolyn HaxMay 30, 2023

Food porn, parties, Scorsese! The best and worst of this year’s Cannes.

Cannes was star-studded and packed with big debuts. Here's what stood out at the 2023 edition of the film festival.

By Jada YuanMay 29, 2023

Carolyn Hax: A years-old comment comes back to haunt best friends

She is now engaged to the man who inspired her best friend to say she could "do better," and he hasn't forgotten the slight.

By Carolyn HaxMay 29, 2023

Miss Manners: I wish customers would stop asking me about my red eye

Why do customers feel comfortable asking about this letter-writer’s red eye?

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 29, 2023

Ask Amy: The man I’m seeing posts about his other dates on Facebook

They’ve agreed to see other people while dating, but the letter writer still doesn’t want to see his other dates on Facebook.

By Amy DickinsonMay 29, 2023

A vegetable-packed pasta satisfies a teen — and the rest of the family

With two parents and a teenager with different dietary needs and schedules, we needed something to please and nourish everybody. Enter pasta with vegetables.

By Joe YonanMay 28, 2023

I saw the shape of my heart for the first time. It changed my world view.

After the exam, I couldn’t stop thinking about my heart and how I carry it with me everywhere — in everything I do. How the heart is a constant and universal metaphor for everything that unites us.

By Pepita SándwichMay 28, 2023

6 cookout sides ready in 20 minutes or less

Last-minute summer recipes ready in about 20 minutes to bring to a potluck or cookout during the season.

By Aaron HutchersonMay 28, 2023
Inspired LifePerspective

I quit social media in college. This is how my life changed.

For me, the bad parts of social media were outweighing the good, by a lot.

By Jenna BloomMay 28, 2023

Ask Amy: How do I maintain our friendship after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis?

Letter writer’s “dearest friend in the world” was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. How do they handle this?

By Amy DickinsonMay 28, 2023

Carolyn Hax: Bungled divorce leads son to reject dad’s new partner

He ended his marriage “not very artfully,” and his teen son now refuses to meet his new partner.

By Carolyn HaxMay 28, 2023

Pasta With Vegan Sausage, Cauliflower and Kale

This hearty dish is the result of Food editor Joe Yonan’s attempts to satisfy his family’s various dietary preferences while also getting some nutritious vegetables into his teenage foster son and creating leftovers to take to work or school.

By Joe YonanMay 28, 2023

Justine Triet wins top prize at Cannes for ‘Anatomy of a Fall’

The French filmmaker is just the third female director to win the Palme d’Or, after Jane Campion and Julia Ducournau.

By Jada YuanMay 27, 2023

9 summer drink recipes for backyard sipping, with and without alcohol

Whether you're chilling on the patio or hosting a party, check out these refreshing drinks, including boozy and zero-proof options.

By Becky KrystalMay 27, 2023

The anti-trans boycotts are hopelessly off-target

The free market is telling right-wingers something they refuse to hear: Transgender people exist, and they buy stuff.

By Monica HesseMay 27, 2023

For the ladies of ‘Selling Sunset,’ fashion means business

The outlandish, designer clothes worn by the brokers on the Netflix real estate reality show command attention.

By Rachel TashjianMay 27, 2023