Blenders aren't just for smoothies — and these eight recipes, including soups and sauces, prove it.

Tomato sandwiches are a seasonal standard, and we have options for when you want something cheesy, crispy, fresh or herby.

Cleaning the refrigerator is easy to neglect. Here's how to make it as efficient and painless as possible.

Instead of heaping praise to boost self-esteem, help your child develop the skills to complete challenges on their own, and let competence breed confidence.

  • Heidi Lynn Borst
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But Chesapeake fishermen oppose a potential 10-year ban on catching “America’s fish” for food.

  • Jason Nark
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Make sure you know the latest in treating injuries with these do’s and don’ts for six common situations.

  • Stacey Colino
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If the line is blocked, repiping is probably the best solution.

Rather than hiring a lawyer, Katie Jenifer decided to become one, at the age of 45.

  • Sydney Page
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Pete Buttigieg knows exactly what he’s doing here. His husband, Chasten, is still trying to figure it out.

His worldview is for each of them to clean when the dirt starts to bother them, and, "lucky him — the dirt never bothers him."

Reader wants to show concern for the man but is repulsed by the crime he is charged with.

Recent food intolerances make next posting a bigger challenge.

Reader nearly lost her 4-year-old, who jumped in the water on a dare.

White bread. Mayo. Salt. Pepper. And that just-right ripe tomato.

Featured creatures, obviously.

Advertisers and inspirational wooden signs love to talk about “making memories.” Your brain doesn't always cooperate.

There’s no emotional or physical intimacy in their marriage, but it does include exhaustion, fear, and young kids.

After years of caring for elder relatives, she needs time alone. Husband isn’t going for it.

Though a sign outside proclaims the spot is “famous for clams,” Flo’s Clam Shack is taking a hiatus from hawking fried steamers.

New coronavirus cases have jumped more than 57 percent in the last week, fueling concerns music festivals could become super spreader events.

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