Ask Sahaj: The future of the country feels bleak. How can I cope?

From the overturning of Roe to uncertainty in my personal life, how do I build resilience amid the ongoing unpredictability?

By Sahaj Kaur KohliJuly 7, 2022

Carolyn Hax: If he loved you, he wouldn’t say, ‘If you loved me …’

A boyfriend uses, “If you loved me, you would have ___," when his partner doesn't do what he wants.

By Carolyn HaxJuly 7, 2022

Ask Amy: We were together 13 years and then I cheated. Can I fix it?

Reader emotionally cheated on their fiance after being together for 13 years. They want to fix the trust they broke.

By Amy DickinsonJuly 7, 2022

Miss Manners: How do you pick a seat at a crowded bar?

Reader wonders what the etiquette is when selecting a seat at a crowded bar.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinJuly 7, 2022

Should I post about the daughter I placed for adoption? Carolyn Hax readers give advice.

Carolyn Hax readers give advice to a letter-writer who wants to know if she should post about the daughter she placed for adoption on social media.

By Carolyn HaxJuly 6, 2022

Carolyn Hax: Bilingual wife won’t agree to speak English among friends

A new marriage is already strained as one spouse excludes the other by speaking her native language when she is among family and friends.

By Carolyn HaxJuly 6, 2022

Miss Manners: I need to exclude two relatives from the family reunion

Reader is planning a family get-together but doesn’t want two relatives there because of past thefts and inappropriate comments.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinJuly 6, 2022

Ask Amy: My sister refuses to use my nonbinary child’s correct name

Reader is worried about sister visiting because she doesn’t respect nonbinary daughter’s name change.

By Amy DickinsonJuly 6, 2022

Carolyn Hax: Unexpected pregnancy has her mourning her ‘still-single’ life

She's unexpectedly pregnant with a man she’s been dating about seven months. She’s mourning "all these fun plans we had for our lives with each other."

By Carolyn HaxJuly 5, 2022

Miss Manners: I’m not comfortable with kids using my first name

While introducing herself to kids, reader felt uncomfortable that all the other adults used their first names.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinJuly 5, 2022

Ask Amy: I have an issue with excessive gifting during holidays

Reader didn’t grow up celebrating most holidays or birthdays and has trouble with her husband’s family’s excessive gifting during those occasions.

By Amy DickinsonJuly 5, 2022

Carolyn Hax: Husband doesn’t support seeking justice for childhood abuse

One spouse is seeking justice for long-ago childhood abuse, but the other isn't sure that's a good idea.

By Carolyn HaxJuly 4, 2022

Miss Manners: Is it wrong to wear the flag as clothing?

Reader was raised to see wearing the American flag as clothing as disrespectful but sees people doing so all the time.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinJuly 4, 2022

Ask Amy: Should I end our talks after he asked to meet in person?

Reader is conflicted about continuing to message an online friend, who is an unhappy marriage, after he asks to meet in person.

By Amy DickinsonJuly 4, 2022

Carolyn Hax: Grandma offends stepson’s family over ‘hard’ grandchild

After years of difficulty with her stepson's daughter, a grandmother had words with the family — and they haven't visited since.

By Carolyn HaxJuly 3, 2022

Ask Amy: My mom expects a thank-you note for every little favor

Reader doesn’t have the time to write a thank-you note for every favor their mother does for them — as she expects.

By Amy DickinsonJuly 3, 2022

Carolyn Hax: Work-stress-dumping problem has become a marital problem

One spouse needs to offload works stress out loud, and the other “can’t handle being [a] stress recycling bin any longer.”

By Carolyn HaxJuly 2, 2022

Ask Amy: Can I invite my nieces but not their narcissistic mother?

Reader wants her nieces at her baby shower but doesn’t want their narcissistic mother — her sister-in-law – there.

By Amy DickinsonJuly 2, 2022

Miss Manners: I give unsolicited advice to businesses I patronize

Reader likes to let businesses they patron know about their suggestions but doesn’t like the responses they get.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinJuly 2, 2022

Carolyn Hax: Grown children cut off mom over stepfather’s ‘harsh’ parenting

A mother struggles to mend relationships with her grown children, who blame her for not protecting them from their stepfather’s “harsh” parenting.

By Carolyn HaxJuly 1, 2022