I don’t want my rich uncle’s money. Carolyn Hax readers give advice.

Carolyn Hax readers give advice to a niece whose rich and difficult uncle keeps insisting on giving her money, but she’s not sure it’s worth taking.

By Carolyn HaxSeptember 28, 2022

Ask Jules: Should teachers let students follow them on social media?

A public high school teacher isn't sure how they should respond to students who want to follow their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

By Jules TerpakSeptember 28, 2022

A 14-year-old’s behavior makes a parent feel like giving up

How can I deal with him nicely and neutrally, while still enforcing boundaries and rules?

By Meghan LeahySeptember 28, 2022

Miss Manners: My daughter eats at a slower pace than the rest of the family

A reader wonders how to handle a daughter finishing her dinner plate much slower than the rest of the family.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinSeptember 28, 2022

Carolyn Hax: Will she always be ‘The Mistress’ to her now-husband’s children?

Her husband left his then-wife years ago to be with her, "the mistress," and his children with his ex still refuse to meet her.

By Carolyn HaxSeptember 28, 2022

Ask Amy: I’m 32 years old and don’t know how to make friends

They live in a retirement community with their parents but are considering moving out to jump-start their social life.

By Amy DickinsonSeptember 28, 2022

Ask Elaine: I’m turning 30. Are my best days behind me?

A reader is nervous about leaving behind her 20s and facing a new decade

By Elaine WelterothSeptember 27, 2022

Carolyn Hax: Husband ‘really upset’ that he can’t pick out spouse’s new car

A car-loving husband "feels rejected and hurt" after learning his spouse wants to buy a car without his help.

By Carolyn HaxSeptember 27, 2022

Miss Manners: How do I pass co-workers chatting across the hallway?

Reader wonders if they have to excuse themselves when walking through a hallway that colleagues are talking across.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinSeptember 27, 2022

Ask Amy: My neighbor’s daycare kids play outside unsupervised

Their next-door neighbor lets the kids in her daycare play outside with no supervision. The kids are harassing their dogs.

By Amy DickinsonSeptember 27, 2022

Carolyn Hax: They watched ‘The Affair,’ then the accusations began

A married couple watched “The Affair” together, and the wife now repeatedly asks if her spouse is cheating on her.

By Carolyn HaxSeptember 26, 2022

Ask Amy: My wife has dementia. Should I get back with an old fling?

A husband struggles with reigniting an old fling as his wife lives with dementia in an assisted living facility.

By Amy DickinsonSeptember 26, 2022

Miss Manners: How do you say no to being in a wedding party?

Reader’s wife didn’t expect so many responsibilities when she said yes to being a bridesmaid for a friend.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinSeptember 26, 2022

Carolyn Hax: Mom’s angry at other moms for daughter’s middle-school snub

A mom is upset about her middle-school daughter's exclusion and wants to confront the moms of her now-former friends.

By Carolyn HaxSeptember 25, 2022

Ask Amy: Atheist wants an honest but kind way to bow out of religious activities

An atheist isn't sure how to tell their friend that they don't want to attend her twins' Bar-Mitzvahs.

By Amy DickinsonSeptember 25, 2022

Carolyn Hax: ‘Your family, your responsibility’ means his folks get nothing

The couple have a "your family, your responsibility" arrangement for gift-giving, but one of them always forgets.

By Carolyn HaxSeptember 24, 2022

Miss Manners: I want my brother to stop insulting our hometown

When their brother stays with them, he is always making negative comments about their hometown.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinSeptember 24, 2022

Ask Amy: My date said we can’t be together because her friend is in love with me

He recently went on a date with a woman who told him she can't be with him because her friend is in love with him.

By Amy DickinsonSeptember 24, 2022

Ask Damon: Should I get my anti-vax friends’ baby vaccinated without telling them?

A reader who babysits for friends who don’t believe in vaccines asks whether they should take their friends’ baby to be vaccinated without telling them.

By Damon YoungSeptember 23, 2022

Carolyn Hax: ‘Obsessed’ ex-husband insists their daughter have long hair

Ex-husband insists on long hair for their 7-year-old daughter. How to co-parent when he demands his way or “takes it out on” the child?

By Carolyn HaxSeptember 23, 2022