Ask Amy: How do I maintain our friendship after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis?

Letter writer’s “dearest friend in the world” was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. How do they handle this?

By Amy DickinsonMay 28, 2023

Carolyn Hax: Bungled divorce leads son to reject dad’s new partner

He ended his marriage “not very artfully,” and his teen son now refuses to meet his new partner.

By Carolyn HaxMay 28, 2023

Miss Manners: Is it weird that I go back and visit my old workplace?

A letter writer enjoys visiting their old workplace but doesn’t like when former co-workers ask why they’re there.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 27, 2023

Ask Amy: Donor father wants biological siblings to meet

He raised one child and was a donor for another. Now he wants them to meet.

By Amy DickinsonMay 27, 2023

Carolyn Hax: If relationship isn’t ‘fun,’ does that make you boring?

After partner breaks up over lack of fun in their relationship, a letter-writer worries that "I myself am not fun."

By Carolyn HaxMay 27, 2023

Miss Manners: No matter your generation, you still need to say thank you

A 28-year-old letter writer says their generation doesn’t care about thank-you notes.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 26, 2023

Carolyn Hax: Worried about giving up on a ‘good man’ too soon

They broke up over values, communication and trust, but reader's having second thoughts because "he really does love me a lot."

By Carolyn HaxMay 26, 2023

Ask Amy: Recently widowed sister sets big boundaries with her family

Letter writer is bewildered by recently widowed sister's lack of communication with the family.

By Amy DickinsonMay 26, 2023

Ask Sahaj: My husband’s rigid retirement schedule is so boring

A reader feels guilty about how routine-driven and introverted their newly retired husband is.

By Sahaj Kaur KohliMay 25, 2023

Miss Manners: Should I say something to my new boss about his casual attire?

This letter-writer loves their boss but wonders whether they should talk to him about his clothes.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 25, 2023

Carolyn Hax: Partner’s family pushes back on choice not to have kids

A letter-writer is sure about not having kids, and partner is amenable to that — but partner's family is not.

By Carolyn HaxMay 25, 2023

Ask Amy: Friend makes couple feel bad for not giving her more money

A couple made a new friend who has concerning spending habits and made them feel bad for not helping her more financially.

By Amy DickinsonMay 25, 2023

Too late to report inappropriate teacher? Carolyn Hax readers give advice.

An adult weighs reporting the “cool kid” teacher who was inappropriate years ago and is still teaching today.

By Carolyn Hax and Christine LomanMay 24, 2023

How can we stop the sibling bickering?

My 10-year-old son can get into a know-it-all mode with my 7-year-old daughters, then the fights start. How do I stop it?

By Meghan LeahyMay 24, 2023

Miss Manners: Should I post online about my troublemaker neighbors?

Letter-writer wants to post details about new unfriendly neighbors online.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 24, 2023

Ask Amy: I’m afraid my online relationship is about to fall apart

They fell in love virtually, and big changes are making the letter-writer feel insecure in the relationship.

By Amy DickinsonMay 24, 2023

Carolyn Hax: Friend’s fiance keeps finding ways to derail their plans

Whenever a close friend makes plans for them all to hang out, her fiancé finds a way to derail things.

By Carolyn HaxMay 24, 2023

Ask Elaine: I’m repulsed by the idea of relocating to live with my wife

A reader in a long-distance marriage is no longer willing to relocate to live in the same town as their wife. Is this the end of their marriage?

By Elaine WelterothMay 23, 2023

Ask Amy: We’ve both cheated and I’m not in love anymore. Should I leave?

He cheated a few times, the letter writer cheated one time “to get back at him.” Is it time to end the marriage?

By Amy DickinsonMay 23, 2023

Miss Manners: She wouldn’t let me bring a friend to her ‘fancy little shindig’

Letter writer is upset they couldn’t bring a friend to a formal ladies’ luncheon at their another friend’s home.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 23, 2023