Potential date never bothered to cancel

Longtime acquaintance drones on but it’s an act of kindness to listen

After husband’s death, longtime friend has been silent

He doesn’t understand why she thinks he isn’t supportive.

With daughter and boyfriend going vegan, how will their hypothetical children adapt?

Is contacting the school appropriate many years later?

Teen daughters begin to exhibit undesirable traits learned from parents.

Visits with sister’s kids create a mess then stress for reader’s wife.

Reader suspected years ago that friend’s spouse was gay or bisexual, but she said nothing.

Brother and his partner break off contact after dispute over visiting the newborn.

He wants to spend winters without her, but she doesn’t like the sound of that.

Reader wants to know how politely deflect uncomfortable questions.

Meetups at a bar in “before times” turn into too-frequent visits to reader’s back porch.

Husband wants to explore Christianity but wife has no interest.

Expectant couple living with parent hasn’t shared the news with her because of strained relationship.

It has been only a year since the wedding, but the honeymoon is long over.

In-laws insist that recent widow should move in with them. She’s not interested.

Mother of the bride debates whether she should attend this large gathering.

Wife’s rude behavior toward clients during work from home has spouse wanting to advise.

Family member wants to see niece’s new baby but not her abusive boyfriend.

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