Reader, an admitted “type A,” wants to fix the situation.

Woman is having a hard time working, exercising and connecting with partner and friends.

He steeled himself against being hurt by marrying someone he didn’t love 30 years ago.

Sister is tired of hypercritical brother, who has recently taken aim at her gay daughter.

Reader wonders why friend who survived cancer ignores her upbeat emails.

Sister is upset because they seem particularly insensitive while their brother battles cancer.

Woman becomes argumentative and then noncommunicative. Partner is perplexed.

Reader was okay with the arrangement but now wants more.

She caught him in a virtual affair and doesn’t know how to get past it.

Reader’s parents repeatedly mention the “great guy” who made their daughter miserable.

Brother stops calling after he is turned down for $30,000 loan.

Reader doesn’t know how or whether to reconnect before friend’s upcoming wedding.

Reader’s wife comes home drunk two or three nights a week.

Office worker cuts off conversation after a colleague makes the request based on travel.

She gives in to his rages and does everything around the house.

Daughter announces plans to marry. Dad cuts off contact, putting Mom in the middle.

Wife goes ballistic if any news doesn’t support president’s beliefs.

After nine years in a manipulative relationship, reader needs help dealing with parting shots.

Advice on reading to kids, favoritism and getting family to pitch in.

Reader finds out her aunt had a different father than siblings. Should she tell?

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