Reader worries that the grief of losing her dog to cancer is putting a strain on her husband.

Teenage reader worries that her best friend resents her for always seeming to come out on top when they're put in competition.

Reader is holding out hope that his absent father will be in his family's life, but wants him to accept responsibility for his actions.

Reader asks Amy's advice on how to process the pandemic and the scars it could leave behind.

Reader wonders whether her former co-worker is too far gone after her social media presence has become heated due to views on pandemic restrictions.

Reader is worried his daughter is going down a bad road with her boyfriend who has been arrested multiple times.

Reader wants to keep treating a friend to dinners and gifts following a serious illness, but not so much his friends and guests.

Reader has a mental hurdle in mourning her dead husband because she suspected he cheated on her decades ago.

Reader is excited to host her granddaughter for a year before college, but wants to lay some ground rules. Are her expectations out of line?

Reader is trying to find a solution for annual Christmas Eve events that separate his family's attendance.

Reader has issues with boyfriend’s dog and how he supervises the animal.

Reader asks whether to go solo or scramble to find a date to mother’s wedding after being set up and chided for being single.

Amy emphasizes how abuse can come in many forms after reader is yelled at by ex over text.

Amy and a reader talk what makes a good party guest.

Reader is concerned and fed up with friend’s drinking behavior. Amy sees an addict in a bad situation.

Married reader asks how to manage a platonic friend who may have developed romantic feelings.

Reader is tortured by husband’s past behavior before they met.

Reader is fed up with how family treats his stepson and wants to unload on them.

Reader thinks it is rude to talk about parties in front of people who aren’t invited, as some co-workers are doing.

Reader asks Amy how to best address an email or letter to someone who uses they/them pronouns.

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