The colorless variety is great for strengthening nails, too.

He has been deployed overseas with the military, and his mom is planning a special dinner.

Readers says he used to walk by small businesses thinking he would go in one day.

Reader warns about driving while on the phone.

Pet stairs never worked for Shih Tzu, but reader found a solution.

When the collars don’t lie flat, reader’s husband wants to replace them.

Bring along tape to keep coupon and item together.

The trick to light and fluffy eggs is in the cooking.

The protective equipment includes masks, but also products for front-line workers.

Misinformation abounds, so focus on legitimate organizations

Direct treating the stain is the first step toward removing it.

Be sure to ask the vet if doing so gives Fido enough vitamins.

Beans with bacon and onions make a great side dish for burgers or hot dogs.

Earning loyalty points, using coupons and having linked credit cards are a few benefits.

Please dispose of trash properly, a reader requests.

Reader’s dog loves flavored applesauce, but she hesitates to indulge him.

If they ask for financial information, it’s probably a scam.

Consider replacing smoke detectors every seven to 10 years.

Granola bar boxes work as organizer stand-in.

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