Owner creates a life-size version of herself to calm the dog while she’s out of the house.

Reader would like to sell, donate or repurpose.

Bearded men are seen as more masculine, more mature and more responsible, experts say.

It’s all about how you store natural peanut butter.

Someone being abused or trafficked may hold up their hand to ask for help.

Reader’s hands ached after the performance.

Dognapping has risen in the pandemic as some are desperate for a canine companion.

Many people don’t call to cancel coronavirus shots, reader says.

Give yourself a weekly limit and enlist help sticking to it.

Reader wears rubber gloves for household tasks and didn’t want to throw out damaged pair.

Taking the shopping cart back to the store is a sign of a thoughtful person.

Online retailers may offer reasons to buy now or buy something you can’t afford.

Your dog is protecting you when he follows you in

Tie up that smelly garbage before dropping it in the can

Here’s what they can do at various ages

Just add some veggies, leftovers and milk

Here are the steps toward finding, qualifying for and purchasing

Why have abbreviations become so common?

Try starting carrots. radishes, broccoli or spinach.

Reader realized he had ulterior motives.

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