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Hints From Heloise: Anxious dog guards a stuffed person

Dear Heloise: My puppy Huxley was having bad separation anxiety! My upstairs neighbor said, "Your dog sure misses you when you go out!" (I think she was frustrated with his crying and barking.)

I created a life-size "me" that Huxley can attach to when I'm not at home. I took an old pair of jeans, basted the legs closed, and stuffed the legs with poly fill. I added a shirt (smells like me), basted it and stuffed it too, and added a balloon "head." Socks and shoes complete the substitute me.

I actually place Substitute Me in the bathroom on the toilet. Don't laugh! As mentioned in your column, dogs like to protect us when we are in the bathroom.

Huxley is calmer, and my neighbor hasn't complained since. Win-win!

— Mary Ellen T. in Indiana

Dear Heloise: He looks like an angel in this photo, but Charlie Brown is a 10-month-old beagle and a whirling dervish. He loves chasing a ball. He'd rather chase his ball than eat, and beagles LOVE to eat. We have to hide the ball from him to get any rest!

— Marcia B., Fairfield Township, Ohio

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Dear Readers: Makeup 101: Eyes, cheeks and lips are usually the Big Three of makeup mastery, but here’s the deal. Accentuate two, not all three. Big eyes and lips? Neutral cheek. Bold, sculpted cheeks and lips? A sweep of shadow and mascara only. Big eyes and cheeks? A skin-toned lip.

Moderation in makeup! And blend everything carefully. With blush, highlighter and bronzer, you don’t want a striped face. Use the same brush for blending. And check yourself in natural light before you step out.

Dear Heloise: When I am driving and the sun gets in my eyes, it makes it hard to see the road. The windshield's visor doesn't shade my eyes.

I wear my own visor on my head to shade my eyes so I can drive safely. I keep my visor next to me in my car at all times so I have it.

— Sharon, Torrance, Calif.

Readers: Test this hint in your driveway before hitting the open road.

Dear Heloise: My hint is to hire movers when you are moving. Don't bribe your friends with pizza and beer to lift heavy and cumbersome furniture. They can risk serious injury to their back, legs, neck ... it's not worth it.

Make the investment with quality movers who have been trained and have proper equipment to lift and carry your belongings. Also, pro movers will have insurance to cover loss if anything gets damaged.

— Mike R. in Ohio

Dear Heloise: When I want to change my hair, I simply part it in a different spot. Whether that's on the left from the right, or down the middle from either side, a new part gives lift to the hair.

— Karen H. in Illinois

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