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Hints From Heloise: Go get that promotion

Dear Heloise: I've been wanting, and I feel like I deserve, a promotion. How should I ask for a promotion? Here's some advice I read online about what I should do:

1. Pretend I've already got the promotion. Mentor and teach new employees to show I'm ready for more responsibility, and even dress more professionally (without breaking the bank).

2. Start a discussion with my boss. Ask her for advice and feedback on how to move up in the company. Flat-out tell her I want a promotion. She will appreciate my directness and my ambition.

3. Mind my money. A promotion usually comes with a raise; I'm going to make sure I get one.

These tasks should help me get that promotion (and raise) I want and deserve.

— Katelyn B. in New York

Katelyn B. in New York: June is National Effective Communication Month. Work hard, go get that promotion and go get that raise!

Dear Readers: When someone — say, from another department — forwards you an email and you need to respond to it, make sure you don’t hit the “reply” key. You will be replying to the person who forwarded you the email. You might need to copy and paste the original sender’s email address into the recipient address field (To:).

Dear Heloise: Today's mantra: I can, I must, I will.

— Brad W. in Pennsylvania

Brad W. in Pennsylvania: Great thought! A mantra is a word or phrase repeated to help your concentration or meditation. Thinking positive can lead to acting positive and, ultimately, success!

Dear Heloise: Here's a hint I discovered by accident. If I place an order online but don't complete the order, and I keep the items in my "cart," the company may email me a code to use at checkout for 10 percent off or free shipping, etc., as an incentive.

It was a nice gesture, and it did compel me to complete my order.

— Jacie F. in Oklahoma

Dear Heloise: Gray (or grey?) powder eye shadow works nicely to fill in eyebrows. Use a light hand in a well-lit area.

— Helga A. in Ohio

Helga A. in Ohio: “Gray” is the more commonly accepted spelling here in the United States; “grey” is a more European spelling. I should know. I’ve been gray since my 20s!

Dear Heloise: I wet the edge of a paper towel, stick it to the floor and use it as dustpan. Then I can easily wad it up and throw it away.

— Gloria D. in Texas

Dear Heloise: In these times, it's usually best not to talk about politics, world events or our country's happenings with people at work or with whom you may not know well or have differing opinions with. It's easier to just let it go.

Talk about work happenings, a favorite restaurant or movie, or sports, etc.

— Daniel P. in Pennsylvania

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