Dear Heloise: My dog loves cinnamon applesauce. Is it okay to give him a taste?

— Karen in Utah

Karen in Utah: While a steady diet of cinnamon applesauce is not recommended, cinnamon is not poisonous to dogs. So, a small bite should be okay. Always check with your veterinarian about giving your dog people food.

Mr. Kitty, who’s napping in San Antonio, is the Pet of the Week. (Family photo)

Dear Readers: Meet Mr. Kitty, Becky in San Antonio’s long-haired, orange tabby, having a snooze on the bright white bed in the summer sun.

To see Mr. Kitty and our other Pet Pals, visit, and click on “Pet of the Week.” Do you have a funny and furry friend? Send a picture and description to:

Dear Readers: We’re home more these days, so let’s tend to our gardens! Shrubs that bloom in the springtime should be ready to be pruned back. Freshen any hanging baskets by pulling off dead blooms and leaves, then water thoroughly.

In the vegetable garden, lettuce, radishes and potatoes should be ready to harvest. Make sure tomatoes are staked, and remove the “side shoots.”

Finally, pour yourself a glass of iced tea, put your feet up in the hammock and enjoy being outside. Unplug for a little bit; listen to the birds and feel the breeze.

Dear Heloise: I discovered that my kids' beanbag chairs are a great place to store stuffed animals and soft things like clothes, etc. There's lots of room in there, and it makes for a firmer chair when it's used as storage!

— Nancy in Ohio

Dear Heloise: Our cats figured out how to open our sliding screen door with their claws, which put holes and tears in the screen. On the damaged screen, I cut a hole the size of a cat pet door. I bought a piece of new screen, cut it the same size as the opening, and using rubber adhesive, I attached the top of the new screen piece about ¾ inch higher than the opening.

I let it dry, then I folded duct tape on the cut edge of the new piece to close the ¾ inch gap at the bottom. It's a cheap pet door. Now the cats can come and go as they please without damaging the screen.

— Joe M. in Towanda, Pa.

Dear Heloise: I don't have a dishwasher, so I have to hand-wash everything. I found that a baby bottle brush works great for cleaning glasses, vases and any long-neck glassware.

— Carol in New Mexico

Dear Readers: When you have your pet microchipped (microchips are as small as a grain of rice and are inserted just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades), don’t forget to follow through and register it. It can be very frustrating for a worker at a shelter to scan your pet only to find there is no information to help return your pet to you.

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