Dear Readers: Today’s sound off is about doggy droppings:

"Dear Heloise: The neighborhood I live in is very well maintained, except for a couple of people who walk their dogs but don't pick up their doggy droppings. We have a city law that requires people to pick up dog poo, but not everyone does. It's not only inconsiderate and disgusting, but it's unsanitary too."

Julia B., Wabash, Ind.

Julia B.: I have to agree with you. Every pet owner has responsibilities, and one of them is to dispose of their pet’s waste in the correct manner. Letting your dog deposit its waste on someone else’s lawn, in a park or anywhere other than your own yard is being irresponsible and selfish.

Dear Readers: Here are some unique uses for dental floss:

* Make a trellis for vines to grow on.

* Make a fishing pole out of a branch and a length of dental floss.

* Hang a picture.

* Cut through soft foods.

* As a temporary shoestring.

Dear Heloise: Here's a hint for you: My twin boys were afraid of hotel rooms because they were strange to them. So whenever we traveled, I brought a night light, and it seemed to calm their fears and eliminate the bad dreams. It also helped them find the bathroom at night.

Paula R., Coos Bay, Ore.

Dear Heloise: With a household of eight children (his, mine and ours), it gets hectic in the mornings while I try to get everyone off to school. It seems like every day two or more leave something behind that they need for school, and I have to load up the car and run it over to the school. How do we get organized around here?

Tina in Wisconsin

Tina in Wisconsin: Place a plastic bin or cardboard box in each child’s room and tell them to place the things they need to take to school in that box at night before they go to bed. All books, homework, papers, gym clothes, lunch (if possible) and money need to go in the box. It’s their responsibility to organize what they need for school the next day.

Dear Heloise: I sometimes have to wash my underthings by hand in a hotel sink. However, they never seem to dry by morning. What should I do?

Janet L., Claremont, N.H.

Janet L.: Before you hang them up, roll your items in a dry towel, then press down on the towel or wring it. Get out as much moisture as possible. Use a hair dryer in the morning if they aren’t done drying.

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