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Reader wonders how to handle having a fight with their spouse in front of guests.

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Reader’s chronic back pain and husband’s insensitivity toward it has made them resentful and rude to strangers.

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Reader wants to squash a disagreement with their co-worker and needs help making their email more polite.

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A doctor wants to politely ask patients to not take phone calls during consultations.

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Reader and their siblings laughed their way through their abusive mother’s funeral.

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Reader is tired of strangers asking them if their son is their grandson.

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Reader is embarrassed that their husband only wears jeans — no matter the occasion or dress code.

Reader, who was still in their pajamas, came out to say a quick hello to her husband’s colleague who was stopping by.

Reader’s “top pet peeve” is when people push their groceries down the belt while in line at the cashier.

Miss Manners explains to readers that these commonly asked questions imply readers have lost hope for improving society.

Reader is worried about her daughter’s relationship with a man who doesn’t believe in giving gifts.

Reader is grateful for the family that looked after their son while at college and wants to thank them appropriately.

A reader feels it can be insensitive to say “good morning” during times of tragedy.

Reader’s daughter expected them to pick up and drop off their grandkids kids along with babysitting.

Reader and their husband were loudly shamed for wanting to bring a to-go bag of food back from the wedding they attended.

Reader wonders why it's necessary to clink glasses during a toast.

Reader asks how long is okay to wait for a response from their boss on a non-urgent question sent through email.

Reader is annoyed that their friend showed up to their usual lunch date having already eaten.

Reader’s friend and her boyfriend came to visit for five days and barely left the guest room the entire visit.

Reader wonders how they should’ve handled a woman yelling at them because they told her she cut them in line.

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