Reader is annoyed that one night she made dinner and he didn’t eat it.

Reader is left out of informal “couples” gatherings.

After long exam-room wait and no doc, patient left for another appointment. The office assistant was irked.

If the service is the same as that of an employee or contractor, reader believes a tip is deserved.

Reader is annoyed when a caller launches into a conversation without a polite inquiry.

Reader remembers learning that the knife was placed in the left.

Reader wants them to appreciate her kindnesses.

Reader wants to stay friends and seeks a strategy to do so.

Acquaintances suggest that he should take any job that’s available.

Reader doesn’t want to explain qualifying condition.

Reader knows Mom likes thank-you notes but gives “fun” thank you instead.

If you walk out to the trash bin, must you be dressed to meet others?

It’s useful but awkward to maintain contact with former bosses and professors.

He gave up a child for adoption and later had more children. Reader thinks that’s wrong.

Social media comment about music is seen as political and rude.

Mother has no interest in paying respects to ex-husband who abused her and cheated on her 50 years ago.

Reader finds that ignoring a confrontation with a rude shopper enrages the person more.

Can you keep gifts when marriage lasts only a few months? It depends.

Quiet person’s attempts to be gregarious cause worry years later.

He sent graduation announcements to aunts, grandparents and family friends.

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