Relative suggests handing check over

Politics is all these family members can talk about.

Gender-related group identifiers are bound to annoy someone.

Organizer canceled a 75th annual event and wants to know if it can be “annual” next year.

New York resident is bombarded with requests to confirm good health.

She would appreciate the gifts but thinks that a drop-off is unseemly.

Grad’s mom wants to send out formal announcements; daughter thinks it’s “stupid.”

Friend continues to ask for memorial contributions a year after partner’s death.

Woman who is infertile would like polite response to parents’ complaints.

Reader wants to know if business name will show up when someone calls.

Reader asks whether blowing on a spoonful is in bad taste.

Requests for others to pay for rent, elective surgeries, insurance fees aggravate reader.

Avid walkers wonder how to keep distance from traffic and fellow pedestrians.

Friend thinks it’s okay for her 9-year-old to straighten out her elders — if she’s right.

He adds wine to the stuffed peppers without asking the chef.

Landlady likes to offer meals even after tenant politely declines.

Friends suggested setting up a registry for others to replace some items lost.

Goodbye festivities are the responsibility of the employer, not other employees.

Tightknit neighborhood wants heath updates on hospitalized man.

A bit if explanation may be necessary before launching into a story.

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