Reader once thought their relatives had classy, refined tastes. But as an adult, they realize maybe they were just snobs the whole time.

Reader wonders where to draw the line when houseguests are demanding and making themselves too comfortable.

Reader wants to know if he made the right decision in cutting ties with a female friend who won't accept his husband.

Reader's young daughter believes it's inappropriate to use the automatic door button if you don't need it.

Reader wonders how effusive to be in thanking their brother for contributing to a vacation home for a family reunion.

Reader is concerned about how ill daughter's typed-out thank-you notes will be received over handwritten ones.

Reader wonders whether it's worth making a fuss about getting habitually skipped in line.

Reader wonders if they handled a situation correctly after turning down cash but accepting a gift certificate after dog sitting.

Reader has an unexpected guest and asks to bring her to friend’s open house and is turned down.

Reader sees social media as a way to connect with loved ones, not “a vehicle for divisiveness.”

Reader asks how to respond after being thanked by a third party for helping someone.

A reader wants to write a note to a musician’s widow, but wonders what kind of stationary is appropriate.

A hurt reader and parent has always taught sons to say “thank you.” Now they’re grown and never express gratitude.

After discovering they share political and religious leanings, reader’s boss wants to chat all the time.

Reader invites a couple and their caretaker for an event and asks if paying for the caregiver’s dinner is the right thing to do.

Atheist reader’s religious friend has started saying a pre-meal prayer out loud before they eat together.

A frustrated reader wants to present a clean house to guests, but husband often brings guests over without warning.

Frustrated reader finds people taking “sorry” too literally, asks for other ways to express sympathy.

Reader’s client gifts an unwanted, oversized sweater that reader is itching to exchange.

Reader asks if it’s the responsibility of the visitor to inform others they’re in town.

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