Reader likes to let businesses they patron know about their suggestions but doesn’t like the responses they get.

Reader sent their kid to a friend's with cash for an amusement park visit. They didn’t end up going and they asked for the remaining cash back.

Reader receives correspondences that list dead family members in the signature and wonders how to properly respond.

Reader is annoyed that they can sometimes hear their coworkers’ kids during meetings.

Reader loves it when their employees come to them for help – except when they accidently spit or cough into their lunch.

Reader wants to know a good response to someone who kept asking intrusive questions about their health.

Reader thinks it weird for wives to sign their husbands’ names on a greeting card.

Reader is annoyed that their friend brought a ton of people to pick fruit from their tree.

Reader is selling everything and moving to a new city and wonders if they must tell their friends and family.

Reader vacationed with a couple that argued the whole time and wants to know how to tell them they don’t want to travel with them again.

Reader is hurt that her granddaughter said she only has one grandma and that her son didn’t correct her.

Reader wants to shut down nosy questions about their daughter’s honorable discharge.

Reader bluntly responds to neighbor who asks to bring their own food to eat at their barbecue.

Reader wonders if it is okay for a family hosting an outdoor party to eat inside by themselves and away from their guests.

Reader thinks divorce showers celebrating the end of a marriage are in bad taste.

A reader went on a blind date with a woman who now lives across the street.

Reader wants their friend to stop wearing a T-shirt and shorts to every outing.

Reader wonders about how to refer to female lawyers they work with.

A reader feels awkward when her patients comment on how thin she is.

A reader wants the recipients of their gifts to know that they are expensive.

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