Misunderstanding could have been avoided if reporter had been upfront about attendance.

Friend asks if reader’s newly widowed mom plans to start dating.

Reader agreed to be social media friend but doesn’t get any “likes.”

Reader in her ‘50s says she has no time for their bravado. But how to let them know?

If it’s really just water, your host should be able to provide a glass.

Reader would be more relaxed at home.

The name pops up, thanks to caller ID.

Reader doesn’t see clear solution to splattering food on eyeglasses.

Reader doesn’t like to hug, and mother-in-law is offended.

Reader doesn’t always have time at a lunch meeting to visit the ladies’ room.

The tasty recipe has one ingredient that this reader can’t stomach.

Co-worker who lives alone is calling every day.

Reader gets sick every time and doesn’t know how to avoid the situation.

Reader wonders whether she is considered the chauffeur.

Etiquette rules of old are often ignored and seldom enforced.

Mom, a.k.a. the dog walker, would like son to wish her a happy birthday.

Reader worries about telling someone who hadn’t heard months later.

With a terminally ill mother, reader is unsure how to respond to “how are you” inquiries.

Woman doesn’t want neighbor to think her kindness means she wants a relationship.

Say goodbye but make no excuses before clicking “Leave Meeting.”

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