Reader wants to know the best email greeting to use with overseas colleagues.

Reader wonders whether they should tone down Thanksgiving festivities to match effort level of daughter’s in-laws.

Reader is livid that her partner’s daughter helped herself to most of the Thanksgiving leftovers.

Our friend has given us many gifts over the years. I found out he has checked our house to see whether they’re being used.

Reader wonders whether it’s appropriate for her to wear dress pants instead of a dress or skirt at her 50th wedding anniversary party.

Reader annoyed at the growing use of “perfect” as a response in casual conversation.

Reader doesn’t have caller ID and wonders: Is it still necessary to identify yourself on a phone call?

Reader unsure how to deal with aftermath of calling out dinner party guest for inappropriately touching her under the table.

Reader wants to know whether it’s appropriate to bring a to-go container to Thanksgiving dinner at home of daughter’s in-laws.

Reader’s roommate seems to be annoyed by guest visits and noise.

Reader doesn’t want to wait around to charge their electric vehicle. Can they unplug a fully charged car?

Reader’s stepdaughter insulted husband while he was dying. Can the relationship be saved?

Should children wear headphones in restaurants when they’re staring at their screens?

My friend wants to splurge on her fourth wedding. Should I say something?

Should I say ‘ladies and gentlemen’ or ‘men and women’ when addressing a group? Or are there better ways?

A mother-in-law tries to spread out credit for raising an upstanding child.

A relative by marriage has never correctly spelled the family name. Is it too late to tell her?

A woman is often confused for a man due to her name, but doesn’t want to feel like she’s co-opting pronoun signifiers.

A couple in a popular destination city is exhausted of hosting an influx of extended family and friends.

Working in-person throughout the pandemic has led to alienation from friends online.

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