Chloe Goins is suing Bill Cosbyfor allegedly drugging and sexually abusing her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. (Nick Ut/AP)

Chloe Goins, a model who claims Bill Cosby drugged and sexually molested her at a Playboy Mansion party in 2008, has filed a civil suit in U.S. District Court against the actor and comedian.

Goins first came forward with her allegations in December 2014 and met with police in the following months. Last week, the Los Angeles Police Department reportly turned over the findings from its investigation to the district attorney’s office.

Another accuser, Judy Huth, also gave a statement to police about her own alleged assault at Cosby’s hands. Huth claimed Cosby assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15 years old, but the district attorney’s office declined to prosecute because the statute of limitations had expired.

However, Cosby is scheduled to be deposed Friday in connection to the civil suit Huth filed against him in December 2014.

Goins, now 24, claims she was 18 when Cosby allegedly drugged her at a Playboy party. She believes he spiked her drink and after consuming it, she “immediately began feeling sick to her stomach and dizzy,” according to the lawsuit. She said that she awoke to find Cosby, now 78, masturbating and biting her toes and that her body was wet as though she had been licked.

More than 50 women have accused Cosby of drugging them, assaulting them or both. On Friday, “Dateline” will air a special with 27 of the accusers.

Unlike the A&E special that aired in September and featured individual interviews with 13 of Cosby’s accusers, the “Dateline” special will function more like one giant group interview, facilitated by NBC News correspondent Kate Snow. Snow also spoke with attorney Gloria Allred, who represents many of Cosby’s accusers, and a group of anonymous Jane Does who testified under oath in 2005 about being assaulted.

The “Dateline” special will air not just in the wake of the news of Goins’ newly filed lawsuit, but also as more schools rescind the honorary degrees they awarded Cosby.

Even though a litany of organizations have already disassociated themselves from Cosby, including his former agency, CAA and the U.S. Navy, in the past month, Marquette, Brown, Fordham and the University of San Francisco have all revoked the honorary degrees they awarded Cosby.

“It has become clear, by his own admission in legal depositions that became public this summer, that Mr. Cosby has engaged in conduct with women that is contrary to the values of Brown and the qualities for which he was honored by the university in 1985,” Brown President Christina Paxson said in a statement.