If you're looking for a favorite restaurant that didn't make it into the 2017 Fall Dining Guide, its absence might be explained by the attention it got in the spring guide, the fresh competition it faces, or the reality that we had to stop somewhere. Among the places that remain high on my list of keepers are:

Grilled veal sweetbreads with maitake mushrooms, macaroni and foie gras in cognac cream at Charleston. (Dixie D. Vereen)

Charleston (Excellent/Superlative)

The oh-so-suave, create-your-own-tasting-menu restaurant from perennial James Beard Award nominee Cindy Wolf. (1000 Lancaster St., Baltimore. 410-332-7373. charlestonrestaurant.com.)

Compass Rose (Good/Excellent)

Home to enticing global small plates (Malaysian shrimp, Jamaican lamb curry) and a Bedouin tent where the entire menu is served to for small groups. (1346 T St. NW. 202-506-4765. compassrosedc.com).

Del Campo (Excellent)

The South American grill where chef Victor Albisu has upped his game, adding a host of exciting new dishes — street noodles, beef ceviche — while relaxing the setting. (777 I St. NW. 202-289-7377. delcampodc.com.)

Hazel (Good/Excellent)

An arty setting for the modern American cooking (five-spiced ribs, roasted mushrooms with kimchi) of chef Rob Rubba. (808 V St. NW. 202-847-4980. hazelrestaurant.com.)

Marcel's (Excellent)

The crown jewel in ringmaster Robert Wiedmaier's dining realm and an excellent source for refined French fare, as well as the city's most extravagant brunch. (2401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. 202-296-1166. marcelsdc.com.)

Obelisk (Excellent)

Where new owner Esther Lee reopened her spare Italian dining room after a July fire and still offers a fixed-price, five-course Italian feast. (2029 P St. NW. 202-872-1180. obeliskdc.com.)

The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm (Excellent)

Fine dining from Tarver King, who weaves into his tasting menu the bounty of his farm and the history of area Native American tribes. (42461 Lovettsville Rd., Lovettsville, Va. 540-822-9017. patowmackfarm.com.)

Rose's Luxury (Excellent)

The no-reservations dining draw from Aaron Silverman, who introduced Washingtonians to the joys of pork sausage tossed with litchis and habaneros. (717 Eighth St. SE. 202-580-8889. rosesluxury.com.)

Sushi Taro (Excellent)

Whose six-stool counter continues to serve an omakase, or "chef's choice," of distinction. (1503 17th St. NW. 202-462-8999. sushitaro.com.)

Woodward Table (Good/Excellent)

My continuing answer to business types and groups looking for creative, moderately priced American food downtown. (1426 H St. NW. 202-347-5353. woodwardtable.com.)