At the end of even the best parties, an opened bottle or two of bubbly must be dealt with. Wine columnist Dave McIntyre says the fizz can be preserved for longer than you’d think — a week — with a clamp-on stopper designed especially for champagne.

How best to deploy the leftovers? Sparkling wines lose their oomph when given the ice-cube treatment. There’s the morning-after mimosa, of course, but we prefer to extend the holiday spirit in savory and sweet ways. These recipes are among our favorites.

(Goran Kosanovic/For The Washington Post)

Champagne Shrimp on Endive . A bottle’s worth, along with lemon and fresh tarragon, turns into a poaching liquid as well as a spiky sauce.

(Goran Kosanovic/For The Washington Post)

Champagne Sauce. This can elevate just about any seafood or simply prepared chicken.

(Goran Kosanovic/For The Washington Post)

Yogurt Panna Cotta With Champagne Apricots. A lovely, guilt-free combo that’s easy to assemble. Dessert, sure. Breakfast, why not?

From the Recipe Finder archives:

Cream of Chestnut Soup. The wine perks up this silky and delicate soup.

Basic Almost-No-Stir Risotto. One cup of champagne or sparkling wine subs in nicely.

Champagne Sabayon. Three ingredients taste like a million bucks.

Vegan Champagne Cupcakes With Passion Fruit Frosting. Bubbly lightens the cake batter.