Barbecue: Pork, period. Whole hog in eastern North Carolina, pork shoulder in the Piedmont.

Brown or outside brown : Exterior crunchy bits.

Dip: A thin vinegar-pepper sauce with ketchup or tomatoes in it, used in the Lexington style. Ranges from sweet to piquant.

Eastern style: Whole hog, usually finely chopped, seasoned just before serving with a thin vinegar-pepper sauce.

Plate : An expansion of the tray that includes barbecue, slaw on the side, either corn bread or hush puppies, and typically a side dish, such as Brunswick stew or french fries.

Sandwich: Barbecue on a hamburger bun, typically with slaw on the meat.

Lexington style, Piedmont style: Pork shoulder, generally coarsely chopped or sliced into chunks, and seasoned with dip .

Red slaw: Coleslaw that uses dip or ketchup as part of the dressing.

Tray: A small paper container with the meat on one side and slaw on the other, often with hush puppies.

— J.S.