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If you’re cooking for somebody’s mother this weekend, we have ideas from the Recipe Finder for you. Pick and choose from among them to create your own special menu. Bonus: Many dishes can be made ahead, so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Maggie Austin’s Brunch Cups, pictured above, are cute and tidy; assemble them up to 24 hours before you bake.

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Or if you'd rather improvise, head to a farmers market and pick up the best looking greens for this Farmers Market Frittata from Dorie Greenspan. No tomatoes? Use roasted red pepper strips or skip that component entirely (but perhaps serve the dish with some tomato jam, if you’ve got it.)

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Be sure to eat your vegetables — Crab, Spring Potato + Watercress Salad is a good choice. . . .

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...or Roasted Spring Vegetables With Watercress Vinaigrette is a nice meatless option.

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Roasted Asparagus With Pickled Radishes and Yogurt Sauce (Bassano) are especially seasonal — the radishes can be refrigerated for up to two weeks.

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Is brunch complete without a baked good? We’re keen on these British Scones; their diminutive size is perfect.

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Or for a larger format, go classic with Aunt Sophie’s Yum Yum Coffee Cake.

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More sweet treats are in order: Maple Olive Oil Pecan Granola would be perfect layered in a yogurt parfait and topped with local strawberries or diced ripe mango.

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Or if you can’t find local strawberries, head to the freezer aisle and then make Vanilla Yogurt Bavarians With Strawberry Sauce — frozen berries are preferred.