Fern Hill Apiary honey is available directly through FernHillApiary.com or by appointment at the farm: 5382 Free State Rd., Marshall; 540-364-1680; fernhillapiary@gmail.com..

STORAGE (from the Fern Hill Web site) Honey does not go bad as long as it is kept in an airtight container. It does not need to be refrigerated and should not be microwaved. If honey granulates, re-liquefy it by placing the sealed container in a hot-water bath. The National Honey Board recommends that infants under 1 year old not be fed unpasteurized honey, such as Fern Hill’s.

PRODUCT SAMPLER 8-ounce squeeze bear, $5; 16-ounce squeeze bottle, $8; 32-ounce squeeze bottle, $16; tapered candles, $8 per pair; Colonial candles, $10 per pair.


Barrel Oak Winery, 3623 Grove Lane, Delaplane; 540-364-6402; Cobbler Mountain Cellars, 5909 Long Fall Lane, Delaplane; 540-364-2802; Great Harvest Bread, 108 Main St., Warrenton, 540-878-5200; the Robin’s Nest Antiques and Collectibles, 8371 W. Main St., Marshall, 540-364-0184.

Honey flows out of the centrifuge Michael and Donielle Rininger use to extract honey from combs at Fern Hill Apiary. (James M. Thresher/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)