Bruce Johnson tastes beer for the 2014 Beer Madness contest held at Meridian Pint. (Jason Aldag/TWP)

Want in on Beer Madness? Here's how you can taste just what the judges did and form your own (hopefully informed) opinions — and even make them known.

Beginning Friday, March 21, and continuing through Sunday, March 23, Meridian Pint (3400 11th St NW, 202-588-1075, will tap all 16 beers in our Crisp and Malt categories. Monday through Wednesday, March 24-26, it’ll switch over to the 16 beers in our Fruit & Spice and Hop categories.

Customers will be able to buy 4-ounce tasters or full pours (12-16 ounces). Happy hour prices (a dollar off each draft) apply from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday and Monday through Wednesday.

Then, starting Thursday, March 27, and continuing weekly, Meridian Pint will duplicate our match-ups, offering free one-ounce samples of the beers that made it to the next spot in the bracket and asking patrons to vote on their favorites.

Check next week’s Beer Madness update to find out the results of Round 1, and which beers will be available when.

Cast a vote for your favorite each week through April 23rd.