Ommegang's Bend the Knee, the seventh in the brewery's series of officially licensed “Game of Thrones” beers, is a Belgian-style golden ale. The bottles are available with three house crests from the show; House Stark is shown. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

“Game of Thrones” hype is reaching fever-pitch in Washington, weeks ahead of the show’s July 16 return to HBO. On June 21, three bars in Shaw will turn into an expansive pop-up bar with themed cocktails and rooms. The Nationals are hosting “Game of Thrones” night with a T-shirt giveaway and a chance to sit on the Iron Throne. And if you just want to re-watch Season 6 with a cold beverage in hand, bars and beer stores across the area are selling Bend the Knee, the latest in the series of GOT-inspired beers from Ommegang.

Bend the Knee is a Belgian-style golden ale, brewed with wildflower honey. The flavors are wonderfully complex, with clove, coriander, white pepper and a bit of banana/bubble gum coming through alongside fruity apricot, citrus and honeysuckle. The body is a little thicker than expected, almost mead-like, with a sticky finish. Just watch out when refilling your chalice: This golden beer with the white, fluffy head is 9 percent alcohol by volume.

The packaging is excellent — the caged and corked 750-milliliter bottle features a foil label showing the crest of one of three houses from the show. “Oh, cool,” said the cashier at Whole Foods, admiring the silver direwolf insignia of the Starks on the label while ringing me up. “Did you see if they had any House Lannister bottles back there?”

If you like this, try another beer inspired by a TV show

Diamondback Omar : Baltimore’s Diamondback Brewing drew on one of Charm City’s most famous fictional residents from “The Wire” for this juicy, hazy, dry-hopped pale ale. Its slogan: “A man’s got to have a code: Drink immediately.”

McMenamins Log Lady Double IPA : McMenamins, which owns a trail of restaurants and pubs throughout Oregon and Washington, honored one of Twin Peaks’ most interesting characters with an imperial IPA released in February.

Shmaltz Klingon Imperial Porter: Geeky brewers have given their beers “Star Trek”-related names over the years, but New York’s Shmaltz has actually licensed names and images from the series creators. They usually release three “Star Trek” beers each year; the first for 2017 is the appropriately strong Klingon Imperial Porter.

Ommegang Bend the Knee. $11 for a 750-milliliter bottle.