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And we're not talking Michelob Ultra here.

As Budweiser takes a back seat, some craft brewers are leaning into lighter styles.

The phenomenon of Dry January, or “Drynuary,” continues to grow in popularity, but there are tricks to seeing it through.

Anheuser-Busch InBev used to buy craft breweries. Now, it’s buying information.

Beyoncé's lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to a Brooklyn brewery while Bud Light sent a medieval town crier to Minneapolis to “threaten” the brewers of Dilly Dilly Double IPA.

Pizzeria Paradiso is the latest in a growing list of bars and restaurants to take a stand for craft breweries.

Whether you're cooking, watching football or dodging in-laws, it pays to have a strategy for your holiday drinking.

Tart and experimental styles are suddenly everywhere, turning non-beer drinkers into sour lovers.

Cooler weather brings more robust beverages, but not just stouts and porters.

Craft breweries collaborate with Bavarian counterparts to develop more exciting versions.

Is it too early for fall beers? Perhaps, but your grocery store is stocking them anyway.

The latest beer from the pot-friendly brewery uses the organic compounds that give cannabis its flavors and aromas, but it doesn't contain THC.

Cryo Hops, which elevate hop aromas and flavor, are the next big thing to hit IPAs.

In Facebook posts, Hollis Bulleit accuses her famous family of homophobia. The brand's behemoth owner denies her allegations.

One of the most buzzworthy wines of the year is finally available. But is it any good?

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