Josh Short, pastry chef at the Hay-Adams Hotel, demonstrates how to make meringue angels. (Whitney Shefte/The Washington Post)

Josh Short, pastry chef at the Hay-Adams Hotel, has created this year’s cookie project: Meringue Angels. With the right consistency of meringue, he says you can quickly become adept at making angels of varying size and shape. Use them as a garnish for your holiday buffet — or just eat them.

Besides the recipe ingredients, you’ll need:

■ Stand mixer, fitted with a whisk attachment

■ One or two disposable pastry bags (or you can use a large resealable plastic food storage bag and cut off one bottom corner)

■ Wing template (see )

Right click the image to print and use as a wing template.

■ Parchment paper

■ Rolling pin (for the halos)

■ Yellow gumdrops or Dots or fondant (for the halos)

■ 1-inch round cutters (for the halos)

■ Red and blue paste food coloring (for the face; such as Wilton brand)

■Edible glitter (optional, but recommended)

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