Nicholas, 30, is the executive chef at Bibiana Osteria-Enoteca downtown. Romie, 31, is a senior account manager for a marketing agency.

How they met: At Dewey Beach, Del., through friends, in 2006. The next morning, as Romie drove home with her friends, she told them she was going to marry him. "My friend told me I was being ridiculous and probably still tipsy."

The proposal: "It was Christmas Eve," says Nicholas. "I had talked to her mom and they were all waiting for me to do it, but they didn't know when. I didn't want to do it in front of her whole family, so I waited until they left. Then I gave her the ring and asked her to marry me."

The wedding: The couple got married a day before Romie's birthday. "I wanted to be married before I turned 30," she says.

Biggest challenge: "Getting everything done," says Romie. "Every project takes multiple days because he only has a certain amount of time. We try to cram everything in in a short period."

Biggest perk: "That he cooks really, really good. Risotto is my favorite. The other day he did a simple pasta with tuna, and it was the most delicious thing I ever had."

Making it work: "We do date nights," says Romie. "Once a year we take a European vacation that's just us. The thing we do the most is sit at home with a glass of wine, watching a movie or TV show with our two dogs. We TiVo everything, and there are certain shows, like 'Boardwalk Empire,' that we have to watch together."

On Valentine's Day: Romie typically has dinner with a girlfriend or family member at the restaurant so she can see Nicholas; then they celebrate on a different day. But the two agree it's the everyday romantic gestures that really matter.

"He'll walk the dogs in the morning and pick flowers or leave me a note," says Romie. "And I take care of him. I make sure he has everything he needs."

"I never have to worry about anything," says Nicholas. "She always takes care of things. She allows me to do what I love, and that's all that I could ask for."